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We have changed the way we do reviews. First search (right of page) our site for your school, college, university, recruiter, company, individual or online website if not listed then please add your institution for review, we will then email you back with a link so you can review that institution.

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Home page: What we do!What we do?

ESLwatch encourages positive and negative reviews on hagwons, schools, colleges, universities, recruiters, companies, individuals or online websites.

We also post breaking news as it happens; changes in legislation, education, turmoil, scams and other events that may affect you when heading abroad to teach.

What you can do?

Did you have an unpleasant experience with a school? Are you sure that a recruiter or someone has ripped you off? Perhaps, you just want to warn others about a crazy scam that has occurred in your neighborhood.

Search to see if your school, college, university, recruiter, company, individual or website is listed, if not just email us with the schools details or Add your institution for Review, we will then set up a page for you to review.

It will take you just a few minutes to warn others about any suspicious activity from a person, institution or website so no one else will fall into their trap again.

We also require positive reviews. So, if have you had a good experience with your school or recruiter; had the time of your life in your selected country; have any titbits or information note worthy for this site, then please take the time to post them here and share your experience with the community. 

Help other people to become better educated before they make 'the biggest decision of their life'


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2 Low paying by star32569

The company is unreliable and you never know what you will get. Once you are ...

→ 2 days ago
5 interesting atmosphere... by orchisimea

The last review was rather humorous but I have to disagree with some bits.  First of ...

→ 4 days ago
5 Updated Review by Saffagirl

I have no idea what the management was like when the original review was written. ...

→ 24 days ago
5 Wonderful year by Alandra1729

I've worked here for one year. I knew no Korean when I arrived but I ...

→ 28 days ago
1 Noumena Education Initiative–Horrible. by casey

Noumena Education Initiative in Gangnam, Seoul is a horrible, horrible, horrible place to be, and ...

→ 1 months ago
5 I urge you not to work at Tongling No.3 High School by mjb_mufc

I worked as an ESL Teacher at this school. I had a support teacher called ...

→ 1 months ago
1 Gi2c is a sophisticated China Internship scam - They refuse to answer questions... by Resident Genius

Those 10 questions below need answers, and answers that make sense.  Until those answers arrive ...

→ 1 months ago
1 Gi2c China Internship Company Not To Be Trusted!!! by Winnie The Pooh


→ 1 months ago