Take advantage of positive reviews

Positive reviews are marketing gold dust. If someone has decided to sing the praises of your school,college,university,recruiting agency,company or even you as an individual, especially without prompting, share the good news. Include links to reviews on your website, add quotes to your sales materials, write it up on boards in your premises. Candidates,teachers,students and parents are always looking for proof points to reassure them about a school,college,university,recruiting agency,company or an individual they’ve never tried before. Endorsement from like-minded  Candidates,teachers,students and parents will help build trust in your estabilishment or agency.

Reviews are one of the most effective word-of-mouth marketing and reputation-building tools. They have the potential to boost growth and to help you identify areas for improvement. Ignore them at your peril. Embrace even the negative reviews and grab the opportunity to engage with your Candidates,teachers,students and parents.

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