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Japan School Black List

Japan School Blacklist: Hello Institute, GOODBYE, NEVER SEE YOU AGAINHello Institute in Fukui-city, Fukui-prefecture, Japan, presided by Mrs. Kimie Otani, president, principal and employer of Hello Institute, still has not paid for the work I did and other fees I paid for the sake of the “employment” at Hello Institute over a year ago except for a small portion of my work paid two months late.

This post will remain as long as Hello Institute fails to pay me the entirety of the amount due current as of the time making the payment, including inflation at the time of the payment and interest due according to the Security of Wage Payment Law at 14.6 percent.  Hello Institute may owe for other monies or payments as determined upon investigation and/or prosecution, and such monies will be included in the amount due and required to be paid for this post to be deleted. I restrain for my safety to post the entire amount owed. In the case of partial payment, this post will be updated honestly and promptly, reflecting the situation.

The following is a list of points on Mrs. Otani’s excuses and manipulations involved in her failures to pay adequately or at all. For those seeking employment in teaching English as a Second Language, watch out for and ACT AGAINST any representation of 11 these points:

1. Failed to pay for my transportation to Fukui and hotel first nights in Fukui First I came for an interview from within Japan, and Hello Institute did not pay for any of my transportation to Fukui for the interview, back to my residence in Japan after the interview, or transportation for moving to Fukui to work. I had to spend not only the first night in Fukui in a hotel, since the previous native English speaking teacher, was still using the apartment, but I stayed in the hotel for a week, because I couldn’t move in everything at once, especially without help from any Hello Institute representative. Hello Institute was contracted to pay for my hotel stay and transportation to and from Fukui, and entirelately failed to pay for either one at all whatsoever.

2. Failed to pay for overtime work Every time the employer of Hello Institute, Mrs. Kimie Otani, planned to meet to discuss our business in the employment relationship, sign the contract, and apply for the visa, she would arrive at least an hour late, sometimes 2 hours late. She wouldn’t get anything done, and I certainly couldn’t either without her cooperation, while I waited for her outside of work hours. She consistently postponed the meetings until so much later that they never happened, and if she did miraculously attend, she’d be on her phone the whole time so we couldn’t get anything done, until either she had to leave “for a meeting” or the student came. Not only did she not provide a contract until a month into my employment term or not even begin to apply for my visa until a month into my employment term, but she kept me waiting for hours not designated as working hours and hid that overtime element from me because I hadn’t seen the contract. Ultimately, she never paid me for these overtime wasted meeting hours.

3. Failed to complete my visa application All along she cited the excuse why she doesn’t have to pay me is that she can’t legally because I don’t have a working visa. Not only did she apply for it late, but she didn’t even complete the application. The reason the visa application wasn’t complete is entirely her fault. She left the “employer” pages blank. I did my part to fill it out as soon as she asked me to, as soon as I found out, contrary to her implications (e.g., her request that I send her my personal info so she can apply for my visa, which I sent right away), that there was more to be done than she led me to think. Sure, I’ll do my part for the application, I did it, and still waited weeks for her to claim her part was done, and it wasn’t even done when she said it was. When I found out she left the pages blank at my second document-submission at the Immigration office, I was given a 2-week deadline to submit the documents completed and informed that it would take less than 5 minutes for her to fill out the employer information. Even with 2 weeks to do a 5-minute-or-less task, she never did it. She used that lack of my visa, caused by her failure to completely apply for it, as her excuse for failing to document the amount she paid and for failing to pay the amount she still hasn’t paid.

4. Failed to do any of her employer responsibilities regarding visa application For any document that needed to submitted, she dumped the responsibility to  submit it at the Immigration Office entirely on me. She didn’t stay at the office with me, didn’t drive me there in a city new to me except once of four visits, I had to wait until after everyone else at the office for my case to be handled because Mrs. Otani was absent, and most of the arriving, submitting, and waiting I had to do with a cold and fever of 100-101 Fahrenheit or 37-38 celsius. You have to wait for your name after you submit the documents. She left long before my name was called, and that departure of hers caused me to have to wait that much longer for her to come back until Immigration Officers gave up that she wouldn’t come back. Meanwhile, I was coughing, sneezing, and struggling to keep my head up.

5. Failed to pay for first month of work Upon seeing my contract in early November for the first time after all her failed meetings to discuss contract or visa, I found out I was expected to work without pay for one month so the visa application would be processing. I just finished working a month, and never was paid. According to Mrs. Otani herself, Japanese immigration law does allow an employer to pay an employee when the visa application is processing and allows the employee to be paid for his work as long as the visa application is processing. But she took a month while I worked hard to even get the visa application to the point of processing. So she said that legal payment for work during visa-processing doesn’t apply, since my visa application wasn’t processing yet, by her own faults.

6. Didn’t pay sick leave when I missed work sick She continued scheduling lessons and didn’t cancel them while I was sick. She mandated that I get up from my rest and dismissal that she granted only hours before to go teach the class at the school because the student has arrived or is arriving. You never want to say no to/for a kid, you know? Well fine, but I’ll be coughing and sneezing in your face if not theirs. Then she later said she doesn’t have to pay when I’m sick because I didn’t teach. WHICH IS ENTIRELY NOT TRUE. I did teach when I was sick, because she asked me to. Plus, she legally has to pay sick leave at 60% of the wage when I didn’t teach due to illness. And the time she paid for when I did teach sick should be paid adequately according to the salary in the contract, not only 1000 ¥ per hour. She never took me to a doctor, helped with or paid for medical treatment, or any other elements of employer’s legal requirement when employee becomes sick. She’s the reason I got sick after the first month anyway, demanding me to work hard in a cold, rainy place without a visa while I’m stressing about her lies about when she’ll get the visa, she fails to attend meetings with me and only me to talk about those things, fails to talk about them if she does attend because she’s on her cell phone, leaving early, or arriving late… How can she not be the stressor that caused me to get sick? Further, when we get someone sick, don’t you feel bad and try to help them as much as you can? She didn’t do any of that.

7. Failed to pay for preparation time She never paid for any preparation time ever, and demanded that I work it. Preparation time is 9.75 hours per week.

8. Failed to pay adequately according to the contracted wage The contract prescribes a monthly salary, but she paid me the only time she ever paid on an hourly basis, citing I missed too much work due to my illness to work the monthly minimum, which actually wasn’t true if she counted preparation time as legally required. The payment for my hourly work wasn’t even the pro-rated hourly rate based on the contracted monthly salary, it was less. She actually paid at 2 different rates, depending on whether the students needed an native English teacher or not, neither rate of which was even as much as the hourly pro-rated rate. For the classes where a native English teacher was not needed, she paid less than half of the hourly pro-rated rate. For classes where a native teacher was needed, she paid 307 ¥ less than the hourly late. For some of the payment, she didn’t even pay for the full duration of the class or the full duration of my work, and still paid a low hourly rate. 

9. Manipulated visa application cancellation When she finally gave me her attention and I could tell her I’d resign, which took 3 weeks of continued postponing of a meeting to get her attention, she said we’d have to cancel the visa application. That sounds like a waste of time to me because the application was never completely filled out by the failure of hers and hers alone. But sure ok fine whatever, especially if she’ll drive me. She not only fails to drive me, but she also failed to compensate for my not knowing the directions. In my lack of knowledge of the city new to me, I get lost and get there about a half hour late. I call her to ask how to get there, and asking people for directions in Japanese is not really an option unless she can talk to them in Japanese on my phone and interpret. But she doesn’t really help when I ask her, beside telling me which floor of the building to meet her on when I get there. Well, I know the floor number; I need directions to the building or a ride, both of which she miserably failed to provide. But finally I get there late and she’s already told the immigration officer that I’m leaving the job and canceling the visa application because I’m sick. Well, yeah that’s true I’ve been sick for like 3 weeks because of her failing to pay for my work or apply for my visa during and prior to that, but maybe if I had a completed working visa application which she failed to complete and had a visa by now, then I wouldn’t have needed to make that excuse to protect her reputation. I only told the students I was leaving because I’ve been so sick, which she and I agreed upon as the reason for that purpose to protect her reputation, and because they don’t really understand jack I say. So I didn’t discuss her and my business among the students, which is the professional thing to do. Well because of that, she not only told the immigration officer behind my back that I’m leaving because I’ve been sick, but also watched me write on the resignation form so if I said anything else about her failures she would be making me seem like I made it up, in front of the immigration officers. Also I take note how she managed so well to arrive to the immigration office for the cancellation on time, but she completely failed to arrive for anything else on time. I mean, really, she didn’t arrive to anything for me on time, and often called me the late or unprofessional one despite my punctuality.

10. Scheduled additional lessons after visa application cancellation She kept asking me to teach them one more and one more class, to give them goodbyes. But the goodbye lessons were schedule even after the visa application was cancelled, and it was absolutely not possible for me to have a visa, and she knew that and caused that.

11. Failed to deposit payment for final weeks of work and everything else she failed to pay Finally, she said before I left that she couldn’t make the final payment yet, because she needs to calculate and figure everything out before she makes the payment. So she will make the payment by the end of the year, which would have been fine and even legal. She insisted she could only make the deposit to my account in Japan, and she could absolutely not pay to it to an account outside Japan, like one that I’d have access to once I left. Though I couldn’t check or access it, I assumed I’d have that payment when I got back into Japan. I checked the account in December 2013 at the first chance I had when I got back in Japan. No deposit from her in my account! 

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