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School Blacklisted: King's English For Kids Tianjin- Latest Scam!!! I wanna tell everybody about the latest scam and the situation at King's English For Kids in Tianjin!

For the last few months the school has been screwing all of us with holidays. They promise us all Chinese holidays off like the rest of the country but they force us to work through them without any over time pay. For the 2 september vacation they promised us a week off and they have played around so that we end up having no days off and they are making us all work.

This school is breaking our contracts because we are being forced to do approx 90 hours over the month instead of about 80 without paying any over time or asking us if we want to do it. In total we are not getting ANY days off for this holiday. We are just working the hours we would have done but in a shorter space of time. The total working hours aint decreased at all--- it is ACTUALLY INCREASED with no extra time off!!!

The sickest part about all this is that we are being forced to work 4 x 12 hour days BACK TO BACK (its up to 20 classes of 90 minutes). They have proved to all of the teachers that they only care about making a quick buck and they don't care at all about the teachers! If you do the math it shows that by forcing us into doing all this work in a shorter time period they can increase their profits by adding in an extra weekend day and bringing the end of the course forward!

Take it from me seen as I am teaching there right now and also if you are in Tianjin you can ask any of the foreign teachers here and they will tell you the same!

Don't come and work here unless you want to work for a heartless school who will scam you and don't give a rats... about how much you gotta work to bring in the dough for the greedy owners!


Please do not review this article, review the school on the link below:

Kings English for Kids - Private School - China

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