Grey List: Beijing New Talent Academy (BJNTA) (Greylist)

Been about 2 years since I worked there. I was released due to the students disliking my teaching standards...strange, teachers are hated? Go figure. So anyways as an ESL teacher at this school you are not to really do anything but babysit these kids. You can try to teach them English but it's not really needed. If you keep the students happy then the admins won't care about what you do. For me because of trying to be a teacher the students complained to the school. This is not the first however for the school. In the past there have been numerous teachers that were released based on the students complaints. This is one of the "Make Money Schools" in China.

The other problem I had was the Friday schedule. So everybody would finish their lessons by noon on Fridays. Foreigners were required to stay for a meeting that started at 3 and ended whenever. Most of the time they weren't even meetings. They were just a hi and bye. WTF!!! Eventually I just didn't go. They did get on my ass for it but I got back at them for fulfilling my contractual obligations.

You're best friend at this school would be Dr. Lee in the Cambridge department. He runs the department and can help with mediation. I didn't ask him for help when I was having issues but he is your go to guy.

This school isn't the best job to work at nor is it the worse. If you can just stay quiet and not cause any trouble then you'll be fine. If they give you instruction on something just have it go in through one ear and out the other.

Easy work
Don't need to stay for office hours
Good Pay

Students are your boss's about 2 hours from SLT and you only hope to find a taxi that will take you there
Accommodations are crap. Dorm style no kitchen
Gay Meetings


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