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China Blacklist: Warning!! Nanshan Billingual school, ChinaThis is a dire warning for anyone thinking about going to Nanshan Bilingual School. Stay away from this hot mess of a school. They are changing their name due to all the bad press and on-line warnings that have been posted about them over the past decade. This school keeps getting worse and worse. The school is run by a team of Chinese who hold all the cards and run the school according to who can pay the most money. The only students matriculating into the school are those who can pay the exorbitant costs associated with this farce of an international institution. About 90% of the students can not speak English and are taught almost entirely in Chinese. The Chinese staff who make up about 80% of the educators can not speak English at all, and do not even attempt to converse, teach or associate with those who can. The students coursework is abysmal and grades, transcripts and university applications are doctored and fabricated according to who can pay the most money or who holds sway (guanxi) with the Chinese overlords. The face of the school is run by an Australian, and a Middle Eastern Muslim. Both differ responsibility to everyone else and refuse to help the foreign staff in any matter regarding contracts, payment, taxes or anything else that may come up. They often can not be found at the school due to their many vacations taken around the world, and one even has the students pay an additional 10% for attending his lectures.

The housing allowance is taxed as is the plane ticket and if any student complains to the Chinese staff the foreigner is told to change their curriculum to accommodate for the aggrieved student(s). Education takes a very distant back seat to face, and never in my seven years of living and working in the Middle kingdom have I ever encountered such laziness being rewarded. Currently the school has four lawsuits lodged against them, and despite the fact that the school has offered to settle, the foreigners are so angry at the way they had been treated and the fact that their contracts were not fulfilled they are continuing in legal proceedings.

I understand that often times when one reads negative reviews they take them with a grain of salt thinking that the previous employee is just ranting about their difficulties, but let me assure you that this is not the case. Take a look around the web and see how many complaints you'll find about this joke of a school. Next year, as the previous 3 years not a single foreigner is returning. So, if you are even thinking of teaching at this school please do a little research first and run, do not walk, as far from this school as you can.


Please do not review this article, review the school on the link below:

Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School - Bilingual School - China

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