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China Scam or Schemes: Warning Foreign Teachers & Schools:  Angelina ESL Cafe ( is a shady scam operator and here is why...Some guy at eslcafe discovered that this old recruiter who advertises everywhere in the world for foreign teachers to teach in China is using a FAKE WHITE LIST that contains all the schools that she recruits from and she said that she and the schools are endorsed by SAFEA (the Chinese government regulatory body).  Well this guy called over to SAFEA and SAFEA didn't know anything about this bullshit "white list". Here, read for yourself...

"As I also pointed out I called over to SAFEA and spoke with a woman in th eoffice named "Song" and asked her if I could get an updated copy of the SAFEA "white list" and she had no idea what I was talking about. After I explained it to her, she said there was no such "white list" put out by SAFEA!

I then asked Song for a list of schools that are "endorsed" by SAFEA and she flat out told me that SAFEA is not allowed to "endorse" any school. So when I described what I was looking at online she told me that is the "SAFEA registration OF EVERY SCHOOL THAT IS LICENSED TO HIRE FOREIGNERS IN BEIJING"

So after hearing all this I surely became suspicious as to how Angelina's could be calling this a "White List" and then I see that all the schools she promotes on her web site, are indeed on this fake "SAFEA WHITE LIST"

So then I started to wonder is Angelina's ESL Cafe at was legit or not and started googling and found they are blacklisted in quite a few places on various ESL/TEF forums and here as well:;read=74657

And was really surprised to see that the complaints go as far back as 2004. Anyway, I noticed the jobs advertised on her web site have the lowest salaries I have yet to see in China offered by any agency. Draw your own conclusions from the above"


This agency is huge friends. And just goes to show that even the big agencies that make millions are just as crooked as the little independent guy who works out his home with a 163.con email and his mobile phone.


Please do not review this article, review the recruitment company on the link below:

Angelina's ESL Cafe - Online Recruitment Company - China

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Angelina's ESL cafe
4 years ago.
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the SAFEA "white list"     from SAFEA at   
Hope you can read Chinese.

Angelina's ESL Cafe post the SAFEA "white list"  just want to tell foreign teachers,  which schools are  Legal Offers with residence permit and Foreign Expert Certificate
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  • TeacherTeacher 4 years ago.
    Okay, Angelina's ESL cafe. As I see it, you do not know the difference between a White List and SAFEA. I shall make it clear.

    A White List are schools that teachers, like me, have been reviewed as being good or excellent. Allowing teachers to find out which schools are supportive of their staff both local and foreign.

    SAFEA is a list of companies and institutions that have been legally registered by the Chinese government. It has nothing to do with if they are good or bad places to work in.

    The concern from the teachers is the legitimacy of your information, since the schools that you have been sending teachers to have been Black Listed by previous teachers who have worked at those schools over the years.

    Even though you have placed teachers in schools, it looks like you have placed them in sub-standard schools who do not support foreign teachers and have corrupt procedures. This is why there are unhappy teachers. The problem is your website does neither confirm or deny that the schools are white list (good) schools.

    Oh! There are schools that have been white listed on this website. You just have to search for them.

    I hope that you understand the information I have given you.

  • ESLwatch 4 years ago.
    The op has concerns about Angelina's ESL cafe calling the list a "White List" when in fact the SAFEA list is a list of institutions that are registered businesses in China. ESLwatch thinks it is best that you use the SAFEA list which is broken down into provinces. ESLwatch suggests that you check that your institution is on the SAFEA list (use Google translate), as ESLwatch is unable to confirm that all institutions on Angelina's ESL cafe, so called "White list", are current or on SAFEA governmental list.

    Admin Team

5 years ago.
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