School Blacklist China: C-LONG Education Taizhou Jiangsu  sad I only have a few things to say since my stay with this school was short and to be honest not short enough. My apartment was falling apart. I asked if they could help me fix it and they refused. They had no schedule for me to teach. They just tossed me around all the training centers in Taizhou. When I asked simple questions about when I would be given classes of my own to teach they were rude and would not provide me with the information.

Not to mention they were in need of teacher when I came and ask that I come on tourist visa, then told me I had to then pay for another visa( the work permit) and the trip to Hong Kong to procure it. Why should I pay for two visas when I came quickly because C-LONG Education asked me to. They are dishonest and the manager of the school has no idea how to run things properly. I feel bad for the teachers who are still there working. From what I could tell they don't treat their Chinese teachers well either.

Glad my stay was short lived and that I had the opportunity to GET OUT! Get out quickly or they will threaten to black list you.

China School Blacklist: Clong EducationI wish there had been a review when I came to China 3 months ago to teach children. I would have chosen a different school and city.


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Clong Education - Private School - China