China School Blacklist: Avoid King's internation EnglishKing's internation English is one of the worst schools in China, they have many branches in Xiamen, Jinjiang, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and shi shi, all of their schools are in Fujian province .They are not experienced and do not deserve to even have foreign teachers. That girl who is charge of foreign teachers Christina or what ever she calls herself thinks she has the power to control everyone. Look, you'd better off staying where you are now than to go and work for those people and fall into a web of cheaters, who think you are a slave to them. Cheap bastards. All the foreign teachers who are there are not happy, they always wake up and regret because they are already in the shit hole and do not know how to get out of it. They will promise you an apartment and many things, and after you get there, they you will be dumped into a shit hole.

They will use you and never give you what you deserve. I have been there myself, I have seen it all, thanks to God I am out from there. They will realize how important foreigners are when they loose all of them. Christina is simply a bad and evil person. She will blackmail anyone who would like to stand up for his or her right. Foreigners, please save yourself the headache and trouble and pain before you sign any contract that is there make you commit yourself to something that you cannot get out of.

Do not even work for them as a part-time teacher.


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King's International English - Priviate Schools - China