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Internaional WhiteList: Codified Company: Monkey Tree English Learning CenterA little less than a year ago, I wrote an article about Monkey Tree English Learning Center, and made some frivolous claims. I was experiencing some extreme mental difficulties, and lashing out at anyone and everyone that I believed had harmed me. I made up some rather ridiculous stories, and was borderline delusional in my analysis of Monkey Tree. Luckily, I received some counseling, and I'm fortunate enough to be teaching again. I do not know how to take the article down, or I would have already done so. Maybe in my twisted, anger induced fantasy world Monkey Tree is a front for drugs and prostitution, but in reality, it is an incredibly professional company that offers some of the best professional development out there; while it is a kindergarten, and you shouldn't expect to be exposed to complex theories of linguistics while under their employment, the level of instruction contrasted to the age of the kids is simply amazing. When Monkey Tree says that they can teach a child to read in one year or less, they mean business, and I was able to see those results repeated again and again during my contract. They have grown quickly, and after reviewing their website, it appears as if they are even more professional today than when I worked there. It is an excellent job for any beginning teacher as the level of support will prepare you for many jobs in the future. I, for one, know that if I hadn't worked at Monkey Tree, then I would have never made it as a teacher; they trained me, and prepared me for any obstacles I have faced; I am somewhat indebted to this great company, after all, they trained me, developed my professional skills, and taught me how to be a good teacher; if it wasn't for them, then I could have easily fallen victim to a less than professional school, became disillusioned with teaching, and thrown in the towel, but Monkey Tree showed me that teaching can be tough, but it is a very rewarding career if you find the right school. Monkey Tree is one of those schools, a good school, a family company, and words cannot describe the shame that I feel for writing bad things about them. If you can make it at Monkey Tree, then you will be prepared to make it anywhere, no matter what obstacles may come your way; they are that professional; you will not only develop as a teacher there, you will also develop as a person. 

I think that I also slandered Rick, the owner of the company, in the article that I wrote. I said some fairly crazy things, made completely baseless claims, and quite frankly, I made it all up just because I had a grudge against him for a completely childish reason that points to my own incompetence at the time. I may have mentioned that I wasn't paid for some overtime, and a Macau trip, but they were both my fault because I didn't keep the proper paperwork to receive payment. I have noticed that some other people have said a few bad things about Rick on wordpress sites, but it amounts to nothing more than slander in my mind. Rick is a real straight shooter, a professional businessman, Canadian educated, so he understands his foreign teachers very well, and will do anything to help them, and support them in their development. He took a real hands on approach with me, and it bothered me at the time, but now I understand that it is difficult to receive such good training from someone so experienced with many other companies, and Monkey Tree has now become so well-known and reliable that it would be difficult to get that kind of training from Rick today. Since the growth of the company has increased professionalism at Monkey Tree, I feel sure that Rick has the right people in place to train and assist all new teachers with their development, and the level of support given to teachers was phenomenal while I was there, so I can only imagine how much better it has gotten since I left. While Rick can be difficult to deal with if a teacher is struggling, he is extremely friendly, always, and rewards your accomplishments, basically, he is blunt, a straight shooter, and honest, but some people can get offended by such brutal honesty, so I can see how a few others could have become disgruntled with the company, but I say that it's better to be honest and fair than lie to someone so that they will like you, and everybody likes Rick, he's a fun, outgoing, good guy from a good family; he doesn't have to lie to make people like him. I guess the reason that I really got mad at Rick was because I got caught smoking a cigarette in the bathroom, and I'm a really stubborn person, so I argued with Rick that it should be okay to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom. I also got in a fight with his mom over being late to class, and I had been smoking in the bathroom, so that's why I was late. I heard that Rick's mom, Heather, was not working in any of the centers anymore, and that's a real shame if it is true. She worked at my center when I was there, and she was the sweetest person you will ever meet, in fact, I was a bit jealous of Rick because I always wished that I could have a mother as supportive, and caring as her; she was so nice to me, and I learned so much from her; she taught me how to have confidence as a teacher, and if it wasn't for her, then I would have never been able to stand up for myself in the classroom; I would have just let the children run over me, and take me for granted; she is truly a very special person, and I hate so much that I could have said those things about her son, and on top of that, Rick's a cool guy, athletic, hip, and somebody that can relate to anyone. Heather was almost like a mom to me, and I loved her so much; it was so nice working for a family company, and seeing how they all supported each other, and they supported me also, but I tried to push the limits, bend the rules, so it's no wonder that I became disgruntled, and they really gave me no reason to be disgruntled, after all, they were always fair to me, honest with me, and never did anything to screw me over. They even helped me when I got sick and was hospitalized for nearly two weeks; Rick personally came to visit me a couple of times, sorted out some difficulties with my subsidized health insurance, and even brought me a book to read, and clothes from my home. If you're wondering whether or not Monkey Tree is a reliable company, then trust me, it's one of the best out there for developing new teachers, and the level of instruction is unparallelled by larger companies. It's always good to start out working for a trusted family business, which is exactly what Monkey Tree is, and it's a good family, one that will help people so long as people are willing to help them. Would I work for Monkey Tree again? If I enjoyed teaching children, then absolutely, but I've moved on, and I like where I am today; if I hadn't learned from Monkey Tree, however, then I wouldn't be where I am today, and I consider Monkey Tree a good model for a professional company; they do things right, and I will try to help the companies I work for in the future by following their model. It's an excellent company, and I recommend it to anyone that receives an offer.



Please do not review this article, review the franchise on the link below:

Monkey Tree - Franchise - China


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Codified Company: Monkey Tree English Learning Center
5 years ago.
Institute Review
I'm guessing this is someone else pretending to be another person..... Impersonation online is a fairly normal occurrence, when it does happen, often someone else is trying to either slander another party, or cover up for his or her own particular loss of face. This appears to be the case here, please try better next time.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
  • Carrick 5 years ago.
    I'm going with the "threatened with legal action by the company." The original article was actually quite libel and would merit slander lawsuits. Despite whether the school is bad or not, the article was ridiculously out of bound and slanderous (hilarious too). It also does undermine the purpose of this site and people who are posting genuine critiques of bad schools.

    However, reading this obviously sarcastically-crafted 2nd article, I can't help but think the author is deliberately writing a completely totally insincere and obvious fake praise of the school. So in the end he still got his revenge.
  • Rainbow Squid Boy 5 years ago.
    The OP could also have been threatened with legal action by the company, this is a good possibility.
    Either way, this really reads as a puff piece.......

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