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China School Blacklist: John's Educational CenterJohn's Educational Center, Ma On Shan,Hong Kong is really a bad place to take your child to learn English. I heard many good things about John's Educational Center from my friends who had their child enrolled their.
I Can’t believe i wasted 500 HKD to let my son attend there.

I let my son attend there as they used Cambridge English to teach. The first day i dropped my son off at the Center and i I was greeted by Mr John who was the owner of the place. He was quite friendly and assured me my son was in good hand and praising the English Teacher that he had at his center. The owner eased my mind as a parent i always worry about my child and wondering if they are going to be in good hand. After one hour i came back to pick my son up and asked him how his new English English teacher was. My son told me that Mr John taught the class which i thought that was not bad for a owner to take a personal approach. I then proceeded to ask what he learnt in class today and he said that he learnt to play games and sing songs. At that point I was not happy what i was hearing as I signed my son up to Cambridge English and what my son was getting was not Cambridge. I went back next day to the centre to see Mr John and explained my unhappiness about my son’s class yesterday. He explained that the English Teacher that was suppose to teach could not turn up and that normally there would be be a substitute Teacher to teach that class. I asked him why he did not tell me when I dropped my son off yesterday. He said that he did not want to cancel the class and that he would teach it. I asked him why he praised his teachers if they did not turn up for class. At that point Mr John started becoming less professional and said that it happens sometimes if a Teacher does not turn up I teach the lesson. I asked him why Cambridge English was not taught to my son and he replied that “The teacher has the materials”.

It was getting beyond a joke now as his attitude and his reasons was not professional at all. I asked Mr John to refund me the money that i have paid for the week but he said money is non refundable and student already attended class.

I am not sure what i make of  John's Educational Center but certainly don’t want my son attending that place. The attitude he had showing me was appalling and i could see he was not worried showing his attitude to other parents that were near me when i was complaining to him.

I am not sure what i can do about this centre as i don’t want other people wasting their money. I can only voice my concerns on this website and hope people will think twice before letting their child attend this place in Ma on Shan.


sorry my english not good

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