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China Scam or Schemes: China ESL Job Recruiter Maggie Liu & New World ESL Is A Scam - They Set Me up!


1. I saw a great job ad posted at for 20,000 yuan with "famous international school"


2. I answerd the ad and got contacted by recruiter Maggie Liu Tel: # 18633014541


3. We met at Pacific Coffee shop in Chaoayang and she took my resume and photos of my passport


4. She said I needed a TEFL certificate and Z visa to get the job - I did not have either.


5. She said her friend Mr. Wang would sell me both for $1,500 and I agreed


6. She sent to see Mr. Wang in a office buikding joined to the Poly Theater


7. Wang asked for the money and my passport and told me to pick up the documents from Maggie in 3 days - I agreed.


8. Less than 20 meters after I exited the building I was arrested by 3 police for visa fraud


9. I spent 10 days in a jail in Champing and saw about 20 other foreigner there- busted for the same thing.


10. They told me they would not prosecute me and let me go home if I agreed to cooperate or else stay in jail until trial in about 3 months.


11. Easy decision - I coopetrated.


12. I told them I got my M visa from Buckland Education, and my F visa from David Valley


13. They then made me do a promotional video for New World ESL  and a school called Global Friendship ESL about how I worked there for three years

and the staff was freindly and honest - blah-blah-blah.


14. To leave I had to pay a $2,000 fine and write a letter of apology for breaking Chinese laws.


15. When I was released I was taken to my apartment by a lady cop who gave me six hours to pack all my stuff and she kept my cell phone so I could not call anyone


16. She then took me to the airport in Shunyi and made me by a ticket on the next flight for LA and it was damn expensive.  The flight was in 2 hours and the

whole time this bitch lectured me about how stupid, arrogant, and disrespectful I was for breaking their laws and how I should be ashamed of myself. When it was time to board th eplane I asked for my mobile phone back and she said it would be mailed to me!


To all my friends at Wall Street English and Beth, I apologize for my absence but they would not let me call anyone. Please email and tell Roger they took and kept my keys and left authorization for him to pick them up but he has to bring his passport to the PSB office near Llama Temple.  Everyone please email me your phone numbers in case the bastards don't return my phone.


Please do not review this article, review the recruiters in the links below:

NewWorldEsl (New World ESL) - Recruiter - China

ChinaESL (China ESL) - Recruitment Agency - China

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A review against the article
5 years ago.
Institute Review
Dear Busted in Beijing,

Well, I really do not have any sympathy for you. Everyone knows, you do not pay recruiters to find you work recruiters charge the schools to find teachers. You especially do not buy a TEFL certificate or a visa. I presume you already know that, but looking into your recruiter scam write-up it is obvious that the police is also getting a backhander from the recruiter and Mr.w*n* as they were not arrested for their part in this scam.

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