Chaina Scam or Schemes: Why ESL/TEFL China Foreign Teachers & Every Expat In China Should Boycott & And File Complaints With The CCP Disciplinary Committee

Former ECC employee and forum moderator Craig Hill admitted publicly in 2013 that Echinacities does business with crooks at the China Dail Mail. He also said that site is owned by a CCP member who according this link is probably giving resumes of expat foreign job applicants to the government


Keep in mind is the same comapny caught last year by wildlife activists for selling animal body parts of enfangered species (rhino horn, bear bile, tiger penis, etc...) see the 4th post in this thread


The following comment are not my own. They are posted at another ESL message board but I think the guy who wrote this really connected all the dots...




If you have the time to read 6 threads you will see who ends up with your resumes when you send resumes to these websites. The owner of these two websites is a man named George Xu who is a member of the communist party famous for selling animal parts of endangered species on his website in 2013. See: (see post #4)

Then China Scam Patrol and Fraudwatchers caught them selling resumes to third parties for $100 each and one of the buyers was identified as a known identity thief operating from South China where he has protection from government friends. See:

Currently a bunch of teachers are getting burned in a police sting operation where fake ads posted at lead to fake jobs, fake interviews run by the cops who are checking for Z visa and real university degrees. Nobody gets a job from that interview but dozens got arrested and deported (going on for about a month now) See: and also this post here:

An Austrailian guy named Craig who worked for Xu as a moderator at for two years resigned in protest and exposed many things about their operation and admitted that Xu willfully does business with fake and shady recruiters and unlicensed business partners here:

I personally signed on to Echinacities as a user named "Monsieur" and asked them directly "What happens to resumes received by since I got a lot of spam emails and unsolicited calls from non-job related Chinese people?" Within 24 hours my question was deleted. Another user named "Tarzan" asked the question a bit differently and asked about the allegations and he also was deleted within 3 days after people started making comments. The entire thread was deleted! If you doubt this go to the "Answers" section and try it yourself. See:     - END QUOTE


Review the online website on the link below: / - Online Website - China