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China Recruiter Blacklist: China ESL is the scam ESL/TEFL Tiger That Will Never Change It's Stripes - BEWARE Foreign Teachers!

Recently a pack of China ESL & TEFL recruiters did some PR posts here at ESL Watch and although some of them are not blacklisted - most of them are including the worst offender in China's ESL history - China ESL owned and operate by Rebecca Tang of Beijing.  You can believe their advertorial or you can look at over 100+ complaint links going back to 2008 and here is a sampling that is self-explanatory:


In addittion to the above, just read this old China Daily article from 2010 (which some moron will probably accuse me of writing too!) This shows how China ESL will say anything for convenience at the momemt.


This company is a criminal enterprise that has been caught red-handed, and by her own admission at the Beijinger has...


* Charged money for invitation and release letters


* Extorted her own teacher clients with threats of "blacklisting" if they contact the police with complaints


* Refused to refund "refundable deposits"


* Regularly uses the "Bait & Switch" scheme


* Uses illegal "probationary periods" that exceed 30 days to cheat teachers of their pay


* Refuses to give expat teachers their last pay checks


* Takes 30% -66% of a teacher's pay as her fee


*  Tells newbie teachers to come work in China illegally without a Z visa and/or university degrees


*   Makes and sells fake TEFL certificates for her teachers and fabricates resumes for them


THIS IS THE REAL CHINA ESL PEOPLE!  But she uses other people and fake companies to advertise joibs online for her. These are the names to avoid that are linked with China ESL:


*  New Life ESL 


*  Derrick Yazwa


*  David Valley


*  Golden Bridge Visa Service


*  Golden Bridge ESL






China Rcruiter Blacklist: China ESL is the scam ESL/TEFL Tiger That Will Never Change It's Stripes - BEWARE Foreign Teachers!



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Rebecca's China ESL Foreigh Teacher Employment Contract - Super Illegal
4 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
Before I post the contract that will b*o* you away, I just want to warn you that China ESL is now doing business under a bunch of new names and none of them are registered. One that I know for sure is China Golden Bridge. She is also using foreigners just like Yazwa & Valley but because they know they are being outed everywhere, it is almost impossible to spot them now because of all the the new names and email addresses they are using. The only sure way to w*e* them out is by using this checklist here:

Also see the two other posts about China ESL here on this forum at:   and at:

And this is her signature on the most illegal contract you will ever see in China...
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  • Resident Genius 4 years ago.
    I have never in my life seen a more unfair contract nor a more down and dirty ESL job agent as this Tang woman. Its people like her that make us strike China off of our short list. She is now also famous for bribing all the expat forums in China to delete all the negative comments about her. She was just recently caught doing this at the beijinger...
The Evil Empire Of Rebecca Tang's China ESL Scam...
4 years ago.
Institute Review
It is important that people stay away from this agent. Please spare your criticism of how "naive" I was, I am just trying to warn others. If you have any clarifying questions you can email me:

Every word of this is true, and I will supply any and all documentation if requested.

It was not until Christmas that I fully realized I was one of many foreign teachers being scammed in Beijing, China. A dream of going to China with the pure intentions of teaching English while exploring another culture has turned into an expensive nightmare.

Prior to coming to China I was promised 5000RMB from the first three paychecks as a deposit. This left me to survive on 3000RMB each month, then after I would receive my promised salary of 5000RMB. There were several other cited stipulations in the contract, such as "If Party B shows the contract to anyone, Party A has the right to cancel Party B's visa, put her on the blacklist, and charge 20,000RMB ." There were many other clauses that included seemingly ridiculous fees, but she told me if I didn't sign the contract I'd have to pay 20,000RMB as a penalty. Since I didn't know anyone in China, had no place to live (as this meeting took place in Tang's home), and could barely speak the language, I felt I had no choice but to sign it, though I knew something didn't feel right.

While much of my China adventure has been a wonderful experience, learning a new language, visiting the Great Wall and ancient temples, working with brilliant students, and falling in love with a brilliant British poet from Cardiff, I tried to hide the fact that I've been struggling financially. Every email and blog post featured only the highlights and positive aspects of my time here to comfort the worried concerns of friends and family back home in Olympia, Washington.

I cannot share how I came about the truth as a means to respect privacy, but Tang has been doing the same thing to many other people. At Web International English where I worked, over 60% of the foreign teachers are employed through Rebecca through out all the Web Centers in Beijing. Rebecca also has connections to kindergartens and middle schools, and is s*r*wing over everyone a little differently. In my case, the school I was working at was paying me 15,800RMB and Tang was leaving me with only 3000RMB, keeping the rest for herself. After talking to the police, the Public Services bureau, the US embassy, and Web Headquarters, I found there is absolutely nothing that can be done. I sat in an interrogation room on three separate occasions--one for 2 hours, one for 4 hours and one for almost 6 while my boss was helping me to translate what the police were saying. The school is being fined and I (was) going to be fined, even though I provided evidence that it was Rebecca's fault for bringing me over here illegally, insisting that I needed an F visa.

They also wrote the transcripts by hand rather than filming the conversation or voice recording it, and they forced me to sign the transcripts even though they did not accurately represent what was said in the interrogation. Rebecca Tang has connections to the head of police and she has a close relationship with the head of the Entry/Exit department of the Public Services Bureau; she knew specific details about the interrogation that nobody else could have known unless someone was acting as a spy for her. I know this sounds frightening, but its absolutely true. She even knew what day I was leaving the country, and her assistant and my landlord barged in to my apartment demanding that I paid bills for the entire time I was there. Also, the morning I was preparing to leave, she had someone pose as a police officer to harass me and insist that I give my flight information. I knew better of course, and told them to f*** off. Her assistant even showed up to take pictures of my now empty room so they can lease it to someone else, I hope that person is not you.

The only chance I could stand at fighting her would be to take her to court, but I'd have to hire a lawyer, which I could not afford. No matter what, the system is set up so foreign teachers will lose even though several China Labor Laws are being broken.

Rebecca Tang has been running this scam for 8 years and will continue to do it to unsuspecting foreigners. In addition to her connections to the police and the PSB, she also has connections to the government; nobody can stop her. The only way we can prevent this from happening is to tell stories like these, and I sincerely hope you will pass this around.
I've spent the past 2 weeks saying good-bye to my friends, my students, my colleagues and my boyfriend who I'm still in love with. Additionally, Rebecca kept my last paycheck that was supposed to be paid on Jan. 25; every cent. I'm completely broke.

This has been the most emotionally draining experience I've had in my short life. And I can suspect people will say as they read this; "you should have taken more precautions," "done more research on the company," "not have signed the contract," or "there are people that are poor and have nothing, you shouldn't complain." I can name more things about the better choices I "should" have made, and maybe my problem is relatively small to what others have suffered, but that does not justify the fact that this agent conned me and countless others into signing a contract that resulted in her stealing thousands while breaking Chinese labor laws. We were brought here to work illegally and we are traded like cattle. Many teachers working here cannot find decent paying jobs elsewhere, came here for a chance to teach and offer a service to people who want to improve their English. If you are a newly graduated young female in her early twenties traveling alone and trying to pay off debts from student loans and assorted bills, maybe you'd understand the full effect of this. And hopefully learn from it. See: tips on agent scams. Nobody deserves to be victimized or mistreated or taken advantage of. Period.

Now I won't deny that the American justice system is far from perfect, and this story does not glorify any "fair" decisions the United States has made, as m*r*e*ers and child m*l*s*ers can get off on technicalities, and big corporate powers will pay fees that amount to a light slap on the wrist in the big scheme of their evil doings, but rather how easy it is for a foreigner to be victimized abroad. Additionally this story does not presume to characterize the general population of Chinese people. In fact, I received overwhelming support from my students, my friends, my boss and even had officials from three different schools offer to help me get the proper visa to be employed legally and offer a better wage. If I weren't under the thumb of this wicked agent--who was controlling my bank account, my apartment, and had connections to powerful people who could potentially give me even more trouble--I would have been happy to accept. The fact is, I needed to be home with my friends and family to recover from what happened. I will return to China someday, but on my own terms and with much more awareness.

So, I approached my final days in Beijing simply knowing in my heart that I was right and that nothing could break my spirit...and then the impossible happened: I was invited to come to the police station once more to assess the fines for my offense of working here illegally under Tang's supervision. The police apparently felt sorry for me and think this situation is unfair. They disapprove of Tang's relationship with their boss, so they have devised a plan for me to escape: they submitted a request to reduce my fine in order to delay my paperwork process so I could leave the country without paying, as I've provided sufficient evidence that this offense was not my fault and due to Tang's manipulation. They also said they would ensure my safety at the airport, and their boss would have to let my case go. I was in complete shock. Apparently this sort of thing never happens; to foreigners, to Chinese citizens, to people that are poor and powerless, to people that fought the system without proper legal defense. I have no idea why I was lucky, or why this ending turned out the way it did. It was a small victory compared to the grand scheme of ChinaESL's evil doings, but any victory is worth celebrating.

Now, this is a rare victory. The truth is no matter where you go in the world, a s*u*i* piece of paper can rip apart people that love each other, can disenchant your dream of making the world a better place and (in cases far worse than mine) consume everything you have, everything but one, to quote my beloved: "If you know in your heart that you are right, nothing can touch you." Best wishes to anyone who aspires the same dream. May this story be helpful and eye-opening.

Tips for avoiding overseas teaching scams and teacher trafficking: 1.) Do research at the countries embassy about decent living wages.2.) Have a lawyer review your contract to ensure it is in accordance with the country labor laws.3.) Make connections with citizens within the country before you go; ask if they've heard reviews on the business. You won't always find bad reviews on companies just by internet research. Signs of bad agents: 

1. They ask for money up front.
2. They use post office boxes, instead of office addresses.
3. They make promises of employment and guarantees of refunds.
4. They charge fees for giving you a job lead.
5. They pressure you and encourage you to make a decision too quickly.
6. They make you pay for your own visa and flight and don't compensate you; a good business will offer that because you are doing them a service. Helpful cites to review if you want to teach in China:,

According to this link she has been cheating teachers since 2006:

Rebecca has hired a hacker to delete links for last the last 9 months:
The pros
Absolutely none!
The cons
Read the above - this woman is a criminal
Advice to Management
Consider suicide to save face for your children
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China ESL is blacklisted everywhere but Rebecca Tang is like a scam roach that won't die...
4 years ago.
Institute Review

I have never met a s*u*i* scam artist in China. The owner of China ESL is a very intelligent and clever schemer named Rebecca Tang who once tried to recruit. She is very smooth-talking and and resourceful. Just look at all the negative stuff written about her all over the internet yet she is still in business!  She does this by constantly creating new names, using foreigners like David Valley and Derrick Yazwa to be her cut-outs and by either bribing people at expat forums to delete hundreds of bad comments about her, or hiring hackers to do it.

Today in 2015 she is using the name Golden Bridge ESL and China Golden Bridge and Golden Bridge Visa.  Last year it was New Life ESL, Valley Organization and God only knows what it will be next month.

The only reason I did not bend over and let her f*c* me like everyone else is because I got a job offer paying me 5,000 more than the peanuts her schools pay. She is the low-ball queen. I'd be shocked if anyone ever placed by her made more than 10,000 a month.  And look at the s*e*z* she uses to recruit for her

I just read in your forum how she paid off th*b* to delete three years of complaints about her.,-delete,-and-ban-users.html?start=6#251  Like I said, she sure ain't s*u*i*. And she must also have connections too, because in 2013 over 1,200 teachers signed a pet*t*on to get her arrested and prosecuted as you can see in this link

I think she will go down in history as China's queen of scam.  See her famous contract below!

Does anyone still have the the China Daily article about her? If yes, please post it here as well as the statements from teachers Stark and Cox that were at the Beijinger for over a year.

Here is the contract she makes teachers sign and from this teacher named cox, you can see that she took 66% of her salary!
The pros
She is now i her 40s and and maybe she won't be able to move as fast as the bus that I hope someone will throw her under.
The cons
She may live another 40 years. That's a lot more victims
Advice to Management
At least be humane enough to give every one of yur clients a jar of Vaseline as soon as they arrive Rebbeca.
Institution Location
If anyone really knows the the location of her office please publish it to warn everyone to stay away from any coffee shop within 1 mile.
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