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China Scam or Schemes

Some time ago both China Scam Patrol and the CFTU (China Foreign Teachers Union) warned of web sites advertising "Teach In China" jobs with great pay, medical insurance, free housing, etc.  For foreigners aborad trying to stay afloat in struggling economies, making $30,000 a year in China is hard to resist.  Unfortunately, as they proved in the past these websotes along with literally 10,000 ads on line are a fraud.  They fabricated for only one reasons - to obtain your resume for the following:


1.  To be used in an elaborate bait and switch scam in which your are solicited for job A (the great job that was advertised), but after you arrive in China, you are told the "bad news" that the job you were offered was filled with a more qualified candidate, the funding for the extra position was disapproved, or even that the school is under new management and all new hiring has been put on hold (or some similar fairy tale).  After spending $3,000 to come to China and rent an apartment, they know you are probably willing to accept another "temporary position" that pays far less and probably in some remote rural area.  Sadly 80% of the newbie teacchers go along with this ruse. That tmporary job turns into a one year contract, and guess what?  You were targeted deliberately for this exploitation. Bilingo China aka UFEIC is notorious for doing this to teachers who end up in Gansu or Inner Mongolia after thinking they will be working in Beijing. Dozens of other recruiters do the same with postings in Handan, Changshan, Jinan, to teachers who arrived for jobs promised in Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen.


2.  To be package your resume along with dozens of others and resold to perhaps 10-15 Chinese recruiters who will spam and solicit you relentlessly with crappy jobs that pay less than $1,200 per month, which truly is just about enough to cover your living expenses and not much more. They will lie to you and tell you that becuase you don't have an education degree or TEFL/TESOL certificate, these are the only schools that will take - all total BS, friends.


3.  To be used in the most lucrative deal for them. They will follow through with the "recruiting process" long enough to get you to send them scans of yuor passport and then, sadly you you are referred to one of the 2nd tier recruiters, because the great job "was just filled". Meanwhile they will sell your folder of personal information to identity thieves for $300.  When the police contact you six months later asking yu why you did not pay your credit card bills from Vegas, New York, or San Francisco, you will not even think it had any link with your China job application!




Friends, if you are sincerely interested in working in China, FIND your own job which is easier than you think. Yes, there are indeed honest job recruiters in China, but they can be counted on one hand. The CFTU maintains a blacklist and whitelist of all the crooks and schools with both bad and good reputations. ESL watch also carries many warnings here, but as you see, many of the very same blacklisted recruiters have spammed this web site recently with official looking logos, flashy, websites, fake testimonials and reviews. As points out here Cloned China Job Recruiter Fraud Alert their MO is almost identical. Tell you as little as possible about themselves and collect your resume as soon as possible.


If you visit you will get a crash course on scam-proofing yourself in about 1 hour of reading.

It is easy to be fooled when you have never set foot in China, and even thouse already working here often grab the bait.  They are smoke and mirror specialists that make themselves look great on the internet, but have no verifiable track record, and 90% of them have no business license, nor real office address. Furthermore, almost half of them are fellow-foreigners with boileroom call centers in America, the UK, and of course in China. Just as one example, Google "David Valley ESL Recruiter Scam" and learn about this sleazy Canadian whose lies cause over 3 dozen foreign teachers to be arrested and deported.



Unfortunately this is the reality of the China job market for ESL & TEFL teachers. Over the comimng weeks and months the three of here at China Scam Watch will work arm in arm with ESL Watch, The CFTU, and China Scam Patrol to expose every well-hidden sanke in the grass so to speak, so you don't find them the costly way. Remember, there is no BBB or FTC in China to protect or warn you. We only have each other.  When you finish your visit here at EL Watch, please hop over to our website, and remember, people that profit from you in China may never tell you the truth, and will let you find it on your own. If you get deported from China for a visa violation that deportation will taint you for life and your travel days will be over.  For a shady recruiter who earns $20,000 a month, they care less about the legal and financial problems they create for you.


Whemnit comes to the China job market, remember the 90% rule... 90% of the schools and universities are honorable, ethical, and professional, while 90% of the 3,000+ self-professed job agents and recruiters are not.  Combined with the 10% of the dishonest schools, you have a 50% chance of getting swindled. Get up to speed on the 37 most common China scams that target foreigners, BEFORE you send anyone your resume!

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Best possible advice for China foreign teachers!
4 years ago.
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Institute Review
I just want to thank Frank for taking the time to write this great piece of advice. If every teacher knew about this, the scam job agents of China would be out of business in a month! I also want to turn you guys on to another gem I found at that also is a MUST read for China foreign teachers...  Honestly, we you teach in China, if you are not teaching for a public or international school, you always feel like there is a target painted on your back for dozens of insatiable scammers. I never felt this way teaching in any other country.
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  • Aladin 4 years ago.
    I happen to agree with you. China is a unique and risky place to work if you are not constantly on guard. I have my force field turned on the moment I leave my apartment and my phasers are set to stun! But I can say that after a few months you get used to all the fun and games, and can spot the cheaters easily after about 6 months and now I just play along with them and send them on a wild goose chase. If you let it get to you, you will really get frustrated and angry. Expect that people will try to exploit and swindle you and then it will never become a nasty surprise.
Old Chian Scam That Never Dies...
4 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
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Health & safety
Institute Review
This is an ongoing problem that just keeps recycling itself with new names and new websites but the same s*e*z* are involved over an over again.  Just one example is China ESL which used no less than 7 company names and maybe 50 different emails to run blind ads to three foreigners that were fronting for the Chinese owner. The foreigners are David Valley, Derrick Yazwa, and another guy who goes by the name of both "Jimmy" and "Glenn"!!! Company names used besides China ESL, are Golden Bridge, China Groove, China Job Express, China ESL Express, Dominic ESLCafe, Total ESL.

Follow the advice of this article or just avoid recruiters altogether. Yes, there are a few honest ones but you have better odds of finding an obese Ethiopian or a 30 year old v*r*i* in Brooklyn.
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