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Has this ever happened to you... You are surfing on line looking for a new teach abroad gig when you see your dream job...


TEACH IN CHINA - 20,000 monthly + Furnished Beachfont Apartment + Z Visa + Air Fare + Medical Insurance

Teach high school students in Sanya (China's Hawaii) 3) hours per week - no weekends. Must speak fluent English and be available within 90 days or sooner. For full details click here to apply and upload youre resume in confidence


Excited you upload your resume and get an email back asking for your photo and passport scan advising you will be scheduled for a Skype interview within a week. You comply with the request as you envision yourself on a South China tropical beach, and then... and never hear back from them. BUT... you start getting about 20 calls and twice as many emails from various recruiters and China job agencies offering you jobs at schools and universities you never heard of. They all claim they have your resume but you never sent them one. Then, over the next 45 days your inbox fills up with over 500 spam offers of Chinese lessons, visa services, TEFL training, travel insurance, and even Chinese dating services!  By this time you grow annoyed and just delete everything, but your biggest surprise is yet to come, in about three months, long after you forgot about all these phone calls and emails.  In fact you probably found and accept another job and may already be in China when your parents call you and tell you the police are look for you!  Here is the rest of the story...




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They are always fishing for new s*c*ers every day!
4 years ago.
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My flatmate worked for a TEFL Training company and they gave him a script to use when he had to call 5o teachers a day and tell them "You will never make over 10,000 yuan a month in China without a TEFL certificate!"  I have been teaching in China for 3 years, never earned less than 14,000 yuan, and never had any TEFL or other teaching certificate.  Its just one big street hustle!
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