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Articles: Free CFTU Guide Available: China Labor Relations & Conflict Resolution Foreign For Teachers


Learn how to resolve disputes with your China employer quickly and without lawyers, by knowing the law, your employee rights, and Chinese culture.


On a monthly basis the CFTU gets about 30 "complaints" of which a handful turn out to be genuine. The others turn out to be misunderstandings due to language barriers, cultural differences of interpretation, and sometimes frustration.  The point is that your employer needs you and knows that you are not that easy to replace these days, especially if you are a native English speaker.  Before making a stink or scene at your job about a "problem"  (real or perceived), you should know there is a right and a wrong way to deal with it.  This is not your homeland. This is China where things are handled much differently.  There is no BBB or FTC or Congressman her who is going to help you.  You do have resources and government agencies assigned to help you - but only as a last resort when you cannot be deiplomatic enough to solve your own problems. On our website we tell you about SAFEA and the Ministry of Labor and how to obtain their assistance. We also explain this in our free guide, BUT, you must first try to smooth out the wrinkles yourself, and there are three ways to do this as we explain in our guide.

So restrain your temper. Keep calm and cool and READ UP!  If you do so you have an 80% chance of resolving your employer dispute within a few days and without having to fill out 30 pages of grievance forms with the govenment.  If an when your situation deteriorates into the 20% category, send us an email and we will help you as much as possible, but keep in mind that Chinese law prohibts us from "dispensing legal advice".  So to obtain your free guide, either attend one of our seminars or request it by email at: request(at)  And if you want to know your 15 employee rights obligations as a foreign expert, please visit:

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