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SCAM ALERT: Shenzhen Government / Public Schools 10,500 RMBShenzhen Party Limited; Edward Jacobson;

Olivia Huang

China (Shenzhen)International Personnel Training Centre (CIPTC)

Neo American Learning Center

This all is a scam. Ms. Huang never responds to emails. A Chinese friend trying to find out information from her website noted that the website freezes up. They gather all sorts of private information on the assumption that you are being hired (including preliminary contracts which are supposed to be followed by official contracts once you arrive in China), yet Mr. Jacobson, who is not even legally in China balked repeatedly when required to give sufficient information for applying for a visa - because he is not legal in China. He caused me two lost flights, yet was keen to "rent a room" to me with a few months rent paid in advance. He caused much strain in relations with a friend who helped me to book the now lost flight with their frequent flyer miles. Mr. Jacobson expresses no regret, no apology, no alternate plan, because, of course, the employment doesn't exist in the first place.

Ms. Huang never answers emails tother two email addresses, yet, is supposedly part of a Shenzhen government agency recruiting English teachers.

It is VERY likely that this duo is part of an identity information stealing scam. They advertise that the "Shenzhen Government is Hiring 120 teachers..." sometimes 80... sometimes 40.. sometimes higher numbers. Yet, other than a bogus contract there is never any information on who to contact, who to report to, where to teach. No assertions are made by Mr. Jacobson in writing, only verbal ones on Skype. He does claim to be a lawyer. Since he exhibits all of the characteristics of a con artist it's hard to tell if he is really a lawyer or uses the title as a front for credibility.

This may be the largest ESL scam ever!

-Teaching in public primary schools or middle schools
-Location: Futian district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province of China
-Contract Term: Dec., 2012 to Aug.22nd, 2013,renewable
-Salary: RMB10500 monthly
-Vacation:4 to 5 weeks Summer vacation or 3 weeks Winter vacation, fully paid
-Working Days: Monday to Friday. 2 days off at weekends.
-Working hours: 8: 00a .m.-12: 00a .m. 2:00p.m.-5:30p.m. (including teaching hours)
-Teaching hours: less than 18 hours per week.
(Working hours is filexible in different schools,no more than 40 hours per week)
-Acommondation: independent room provided, live in a hotel room. Employer paid.
-Meals: hotel provides breakfast, schools provide lunch.
-Airfare allowance (RMB 10,000 for one year contract) RMB5000 paid at the end of each semester.
-Medical and Accident Insurance provided.
-Tourist: twice arranged by employer a year.
Visa information:
The public schools need teachers ASAP. Teachers should come by Dec. 20th, 2012. As the work permit and invitation takes about 45 days in Shenzhen to process. Thus, to hold a tourist visa coming to teach in Dec. is practical.
During Dec. and Jan. when you work at the school, the employer applys for your work permit and invitation.

You can take fully paid winter vacation go back to your country to apply for a work visa in Chinese Embassy with original work permit and invitation.
Then come back to China again in late Feb. 2013 continuing contract.


Please do not review this article, review the company on the link below:

China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Centre (CIPTC) - Government Owned Company - China

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Shenzhen Government / Public Schools 10,500 RMB
7 years ago.
Institute Review
I personally know Edward Jacobson and although I don't know her well, I did meet Olivia Huang a few times. Edward told me about this situation where a friend of his searched for his name and found inaccurate stories about him on this web site.

I am writing this as a real, verifiable person, to personally vouch for Edward's ethics.  I was directly in contact with Edward when he was doing business with the recruiting company.  Edward explained to me at the time the compensation model of the company he was working with and he offered the opportunity to me too if I knew anyone that wanted to teach in China.  The compensation structure was exclusively based on the teacher successfully starting work, there was no compensation for candidates that did not start work.  The successful candidates would work for Shenzhen public schools.  I do not think that the business could be any more straight forward and honest than that.

This site has a stated goal that is very high minded.  The stated goal is very admirable; at the surface I look at this site and think "Way to go!  I'm glad someone is doing this."  There are a lot of cheaters out there.  Moving across the world to work in a foreign country puts and individual at risk and there should be a method to find repeat offenders, to find scammers who prey on the innocent.

This site however is a sham.  Here is my reason:  If an individual gets a bad review, the process is that they are expected to contact the original poster (who may 
be anonymous), if the original poster request the post to be removed it will be.  So far, so good.  That seems fair.   What is not fair is that if the offended person is unable to convince the original poster to remove the post, the site will remove the post for a fee.

Let’s be clear what that means.   If someone is a scammer, they get caught, someone posts their experience on this site, and this site will remove the post for a fee.   This will allow the scammer to continue to hurt people, as long as the owner of this site makes money.

My profile name is my real name Dwight Wilbanks. My real and true contact information can be found through basic searches on my name.  I will be happy to discuss this matter with anyone that cares to discuss it.

In the event that this post is censored, I will post my thoughts --EVERYWHERE--.   

Have a nice day.
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Shenzhen Government / Public Schools 10,500 RMB
7 years ago.
Institute Review
I am Edward Jacobson.  This anonymous posting was madeby a guy who has two names, one if which is Rick Benson.  He told me he was in the process of changing his legal, birth name (which i can't recall) because it sounded too Jewish.  In the summer of 2012, I was working for a start-up company that was in the process of applying for a license to open a training center.  During the wait, we took on a recruiting project for the CIPTC, a quasi-governmental agency in Futian, Shenzhen, that was undertaking to hire foreign English teachers for the 2012-2103 school year.  This is verifiable with the CIPTC, which continues to hire teachers through recruiters.  They were looking for around 200 teachers.  We may have mentioned smaller numbers, because we had an internal goal of 40. But this is really irrelevant.
CIPTC provided the terms, the contract, and ultimately made offers to candidates whom we had screened.  That summer, I had interviewed around 30 teachers, my colleague Olivia probably a few more.  Some candidates simply didn’t qualify based on CPITC’s requirements.  For those who did, their application was passed to CIPTC.  In Rick Benson’s case, he is correct.  We collected personal information.  It’s hard to apply for a job without these things.  We asked things like date of birth, address, educational background. I don’t think there was anything on the application that wouldn’t be onany application.  Rick received an offer.  All he had to do was get to China.  That summer, we made (on behalf of CIPTC) perhaps 25 offers.  We had around 15 acceptances.  In every case where the teacher showed up, he or she obtained a visa to come to China.  Rick was the only one who had issues getting a visa.  We were not visa specialists. I did attempt to help Rick.  I told him at the time to use a travel agent, as in my experience they have relationships with conulates and know the rules.  All of my advice, even if  it was wrong, was given in good faith. 

Because he did not have much in the way of cash, I DID in fact offer him a room in my house.  This is what people do in Shenzhen, probably in most of China. I offered a room, for him to rent.  He did not have to pay me a deposit before he arrived.  I even was willing to lower the normal deposit of 2 months because he did not have much cash.
Rick casts some pretty wide aspersions.  He says this must have been part of an identity-stealing scam.  Ok.  So anyone else have their identity stolen?  Rick, if you read this – have you had issues with someone using your credentials? What would we do with his identity? Couldn’t the same be said of any person or company who is trying to hire people?  He says Olivia claimed to be working for an government agency.  This is not true.  We did not work for an agency.  CIPTC engaged our company to do recruiting.  There were many ent*t*es –our company, CIPTC, Shenzhen public schools – and then the expert bureau for visas, etc.  So perhaps he was confused.  He also says I was in China illegally.  Easy to disprove, I have always had visas formy presence.  He claims there was nothingin writing except a bogus contract.  He was given the same contract every other teacher was given.  He was not told where he would be teaching becausethat decision was made by CIPTC after the teachers arrived.   This was not information I had, or couldget.  All we knew, we passed along to thecandidates.  All we were sure of was thatthey would be in Futian disctrict.
Rick says I have all the traits of a con-artist.  It’s easy to make vague allegations aboutanyone.  So what was the scam?  We were very transparent.  We were a company hiring for the SZ publicschool district.  The contracts would bebetween the CITC and the teachers.  Ouronly compensation was a commission if the teacher started work.  Rick was unable to get a visa.  We can’t be responsible for travel plans ormissed flights.  Over 100 other teachers started during the time Rick could have started working.
The rules of this website state that I need to request thatRick remove the posting, or I can pay a fee to the website to have it removed.   So I am requesting that Rick Benson remove this posting.  I would also like to say, to anyone who has suffered through this posting and reply – ask yourself.  Where is the fraud?  What was the scam?  Some guy can’t manage his affairs and get avisa to start a job for which he has been given an offer, and then complains that it must be fraud or a scam.  I feel embarrassed that I need to even dignify this rubbish with a response, but I can’t have this hanging out here without saying something.

I live in Shenzhen, China.  I have a profile here, on Shenzhen party and Shenzhen stuff.  I am open to confirming all of my statements to anyone who at least can write in their own name, not anonymously.  Incidentally, since September of 2012, I have not been involved in any recruiting.  For those who want to apply for a job in Futian, they can contact the CIPTC directly, who can then refer them to a number of recruiting agencies who handle applications.
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