A few years back all the bad news about Shane English, a chain of schools owned by Shane Lipscombe of the U.K. (Saxoncourt Holidings) was limited to Japan.  In 2008-2010 they were selling invitation letters to new teachers needing visas to teach in Asia.

Now their greed has apparently spread to China as one of their principals was exposed selling "release letters" for 25,000.  In China a foreign teacher cannot legally accept a new job until he obtains a release letter from his previous employer. China labor laws mandate that these letters be provided to every teacher within 30 days of the their termination date no matter why they quit, resigned, or were fired. 

A school which tries to profit from their own teachers should not be allowed to have a school licens ein my opinion. Here is the official story...


Kudos to the China Foreign Teachers Union and ChinaScambuster.com for nailing this jerk. 

Shane English is now where they belong - on the CFTU and CTA blacklists!  


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