News Aticle: Chinese Government announce new immigration lawsNew visa regulations for foreigners visiting and living in China, under new Chinese immigrations laws to be enforced on 1 July.

The Chinese Government's new immigration law comes into force on 1 July.

The Chinese Government’s new immigration law will come into force on 1 July 2013, with new visa rules for foreign nationals visiting or living in China.

The details though not yet finalised, indicate that as of 1 July, anyone wishing to stay in China more than 180 days will need a residence permit. Visit ( tourist) visas will only be extended once by a maximum of 30 days. In addition there will be the introduction of several new categories of visa including R visas - for highly skilled specialists. Work visas - Z visas - will be divided into Z1 (over 90 days) and Z2 (under ninety days), with Z1 visa holders likely to need a residence permit also. Rules for F visas (current category for business visits) may also change, with business/commercial visitors required to apply for a new “M” visa category - however please note that details of the difference between F and M types have not yet been finalised. More detailed information will be distributed once available. The new draft visa categories are as follows:

  • F - non-commercial visit
  • L - tourism
  • G - transit visa
  • Z1 - work in China over 90 days
  • Z2 - work in China less than 90 days
  • X1 - long term study
  • X2 - short term study
  • M - commercial or trade activity
  • Q1 - family reunion
  • Q2 - short visit visa
  • R1 - highly skilled specialists
  • R2 - Highly skilled specialists (less than 180 days)


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Follow China Law And Never Worry About Problems
5 years ago.
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In 2015 the Chinese visa laws are now strict and strictly enforced. It is also risky to use China visa agents these days. Why?  See here: Some visa agents may try to convince you that without their help you will not get your visa. Don't take their bait and risk identity theft.  See here  which shows you how to do the application yourself in less than 30 minutes. In case you get ripped off in China, keep this handy and contact them if you get cheated in China. They will help you for free.

And I want to say thanks to ESLwatch for this new review feature. Although I never had a problem with a school (because I always worked at just one international school) I have had issues with unethical recruiters who spam and harass me to switch schools. It ain't going to happen. I love my school!  Before I go, I received this in my email since I subscribe to a monthly update from CSW and it is something that all the newbie teachers need to see...
The pros
The new laws help reduce the number of under-qualified foreign teachers and criminals out of China
The cons
The paperwork is a bit much, both before and after you get here
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