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Jeju GlassJeju Glass Castle

Jeju Glass Castle is a large glass art theme park with glass arts produced by professional glass artists from such places as Italy, the Czech Republic, and Japan. It was created as a project team consisting of glass specialists over several years. Each entertainment inside the theme park is a subject with glass. Visitors can enjoy the experience of making their own glass products (with an extra fee separate from the entrance fee).

To get there:

Jeju International Airport -> Inter-city Bus Terminal -> take the bus to Seohoeseon (Western line) Loop road: takes about 50 minute.



  • Adults- 9,000 won (groups- 8,000 won)
  • Youths- 8,000 won (groups- 7,000 won)
  • Children (5 years old ~ elementary school students)- 7,000 won (groups- 6,000 won)

  • Cheonjiyeon WaterfallCheonjiyeon Waterfall

    One of the three most famous waterfalls on Jeju Island, Cheonjiyeon (meaning a waterfall connecting the sky (Ch'eon) and land (ji)) receives a large number of tourists to get their picture taken with the falls in the background. Although there is one main area where water falls over the cliff, depending on how much rain has fallen recently, the stream may spread and cascade down at several points. The water falls into a large, artificial pond that has been created by two small dams to maintain the water at a certain level.

    To get there:

    Jeju International Airport -> Seobu Tourist Road -> Jungmun Resort Complex -> Jeju World Cup Stadium -> Seogwipo Port


    Adults: 2,000 won (Groups: 1,400 won)
    Children: 1,000 won (Groups: 500 won)


    Folklore and Natural History MuseumFolklore and Natural History Museum

    The musuem also contains information on the natural history of geological features and marine organisms and recreates the traditional lifestyle of Jeju islanders. At the entrance to the museum, large stuffed marine animals welcome visitors. The stuffed fish such as bone shark (length 8.6 meters, weight 4.5 tons), stingray (length 4.7 meters), and whale shark (weight 4 tons) are the most popular among children.

    To get there:

    Within 10 minutes from anywhere in downtown Jeju by taxi


    Adults: 1,100 won (Groups: 800 won)
    Youths: 500 won (Groups: 300 won)


    Seongsan Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak)Seongsan Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak)

    Near the eastern town of Songsan-ri, a volcanic crater with vertical cliffs rises up from the shore. As the easternmost tip of Jeju Island, this area is the first to greet each day's new sun, thus earning the name of "Sunrise Peak." A hefty climb brings visitors to the top of the peak. Visitors are prevented from entering the crater by barbed wire, but they can still enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding area. Jagged rocks stick up like teeth along the crater's perimeter. It is definitely worth the view, even if you do not make it in time for the sunrise.

    To get there:

    Jeju City -> National Road #12 towards Seongsan -> Jocheon -> Gujwa -> Turn left at Seongsanpo entrance -> Gapmun Dari -> Seongsan-ri


    Adults: 2,000 won (Groups: 1,600 won)
    Youths: 1,000 won (Groups: 800 won)
    Children: 1,100 won (Groups: 880 won)
    Seniors: Free


    Jeju Island: O’Sulloc Tea MuseumJeju Island: O’Sulloc Tea Museum

    Jeju Island is an historical tea site where Kim, Cheong-hi (pen name: Ch'usa) grew tea and had a tea life with many other tea lovers. The island has an idealistic climate and excellent geographical conditions for producing good tea.

    O'sulloc Tea Museum, located at the entrance of Seogwang Teahouse, is a cultural space and environmentally friendly relaxation area where Western and Eastern tea cultures mix with traditional and modern practices. It is also an educational place where the long history of green tea and Korean tea culture can be understood.

    To get there:

    About 35 minutes from airport (35 km.)
    Airport -> Pyeonghwa-ro (previously Seobu tourist road) -> towards Daejeong at Donggwang sign board -> turn right at Seogwangdong-ri crossroad -> make a right turn at the Seogwangseo-ri three-way junction after the theme park (proceed through the road to Bonsai Art Academy) -> Seogwang horse riding stables -> O'Sulloc Tea Museum


    Admission is free. Tea classes must be reserved in advance.


    Eros MuseumEros Museum

    Eros Museum, with paintings and sculptures of world love and sex art, on the kama sutra and hindu tantric sex.

    To get there:

    Jeju International Airport -> Seobu Tourist Road -> Jungmun Resort Complex -> inside Jeju World Cup Stadium



    Adults: 7,000 won






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