South KoreaKorea is a country where you can find all that your heart seeks throughout the entire country. Just a small plane ride away you can visit the beautiful Island Jeju-do. Jeju-do is just one of the marvles Korea has to offer the traveller. Jeju is enriched in deep cultural tradittions, amazing breath taking beaches and mountains that once climed will forever lodge into your memories for the rest of your days. For the photographers out there, both on the mainland and on the many Islands belonging to Korea you will never stop for ideas for taking breath taking pictures of pure natural beauty in Korea.

Not only does Korea have fantastic natural marvels it also offers the hoilday maker some stunning tasteful delights, such as Galbie and Samgabsa (fried beef or Pork, cooked on an open fire), with some delicious side dishes. If its shopping which you enjoy you will have no trouble buying expensive or cheap items, from the market dealers to the high fashion stores, Korea has it all. And, remember Korean vendors to like to barter.

If it's the night life you require then you will find all that you seek, from Wester style bars, to the more lcal traditional Korean bar. Where you can taste local beers to imported wines and beers. After you have wined and Dined, why not take a stroll to one of the many plays or musicals which Korea has running on most nights. If you like the more club atmosphere then you will never be disapointed, as Korea has been flying in some of the top DJ's of the world into their top clubs, ranging from styles such as 'House to Drum & Bass'. I assure you that the memories you have in Korea will stay with you for ever.

One word to the wise before I leave you. "Before you come to korea, take just a little time to learn a few words in Korean, such as, 'Please & Thankyou', with these words spoken, Koreans will open their hearts to you and show you a truley amazing side to Korea Culture" have a great time here, and please remember that Korea is one of the safest countries you could ever visit