South Korea Hagwon Blacklist: Princeton English AcademyPrinceton English Academy

Leo and Jiny Kim

Princeton English School, 4F, KyungSeo B/D, 707-6, Daldong, NamGu, Ulsan,Korea.  680-803


Hi everyone,

I wanted to write this sooner but we had to move out of Korea and that was another nightmare. Do not work at Princeton English academy in Ulsan. They do not provide you with all the materials you need and the owner had withheld our last pay check. We had to take them to the labor board and they made up so many lies about myself and my fiancé. They fired us after 8 months and included our severance in our paycheck to avoid giving it to us in the end. After we had been fired the director/ owner docked our last pay check claiming that he was taking the severance back. He keeps foreigners like pets and had them write some false reviews of the school. I was attacked by the owners wife one day in the teachers office as well. It is not a safe place to work and the owner/ director is a pathological liar. He makes up so many lies and will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear so he can get what he wants. He will not fix any of the problems in your apartment, we went without heat for a week, the week of Christmas. The owner/ director is a bully and will screw you over on whatever he can just to show his power. He says a lot of things, including that he is a "true educator". I am currently taking masters classes for a masters in ESOL education and from the bottom of my heart, this man is not an educator. He is clearly only about money and power. 


This is the ad for the job, it's not true at all and the teacher testimonials were all written by his foreign pet who is as equally pathologic as he is. Please, save yourself and do not work for Princeton English Academy.



I want to post this to warn future potential teachers coming to Ulsan, South Korea.  Our experience was just awful and really gave us a bad view of South Korea.  Our former employer used all of his power to make sure my fiancé and I suffer.  I want to call this academy out to help anyone thinking about coming to South Korea.  If you want a good experience in Korea, Princeton English Academy is not where you will find it.


** Previous employees have posted on this making untrue claims about me and my other half personally.  This attacker has called us alcoholics and drunks making bazaar claims that do not match our healthy living lifestyle.  These are personal attacks and they are untrue.  I am currently in a masters program for ESL Education and I am an aspiring Yoga instructor for youth yoga practices

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