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tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center

Local TICs are located at airports and major tourist areas. Available in different languages, TIC's provide Tour Guides, tourist maps and leaflets.

KTO TIC Headquarters: 40 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Korea Tourist Information Call Center

The Korea Torism Organization runs 24-hour tourist information telephone service in English, Chinese and Japanese. Third-party translation sevices are also available.

Dial 02-1330

Information valid for December 2010

Subway Public transportation Information

Seoul Korea Metro Line 9 Gubanpo Station Train

Subway sysytems are available in the cities of Seoul, Busan, Incheon, and Gwangju.

For the Seoul subway system, passengers can buy tickets from vending machines located in the stations.

Futher information can be found:

Seoul Metro (line 1 to 4)

Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (line 5 to 8)

Busan Transportation Corporation

Incheon Rapid Transit Corporation

Daegu Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation

Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation


The KTX, a super high-speed trainKorea Railroad operates three types of trains:

  • The KTX, a super high-speed train
  • The Saemaeulho Super Express train
  • The Mugunghwaho Express train
Tickets may be purchased online through the KORAIL website, or at train stations.


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Korea Railroad

Seoul Global Center


Blue bus Seoul South Korea Travelers can reach most all cities in Korea through express and intercity buses. Within a city or town, there are buses operated locally. In Seoul, local buses are categorized into four groups:

  • Red buses connect to Seoul to surrounding cities
  • Blue buses run along major roads
  • Green buses run along smaller streets and travel within a district
  • Yellow buses circulate with a town or city

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Seoul Global Center


Taxi Seoul South KoreaEach city has it own operational and fare system for taxi services. Taxis in Seoul include standard, international, deluxe and call taxis.

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Seoul Global Center

Accommodation Information

Hotel Riviera  53-7 Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea Hotels

Major cities and tourist destinations in Korea have various accommodations including first-class hotels, members-only resorts and condominiums. Most tourist hotels are equipped with resturants, bars, souvenir shops and swimming pools.

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Korea Tourism Organization

Honok (Korean traditional house), Homestays and Templestays

HanokTourists can have a unique Korean experience while living and tasting traditional Korean culture in a setting that is in harmony with mother nature.

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Korea Tourism Organization

Goodstay Certificate

Goodstay CertificateThe Korea Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have developed the Goodstay Certification system for a list of low budjet accommodations that meet a certain quailty standard.

Over 180 hostels, guesthouses and motels are certified by the system. Advance reservations are suggested. Call the Korea Tourist Infomation Center 02-1330

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Korea Tourism Organization


Benikea Hotel Press 3 Star Hotel Address: 수영구 남천동 25-6 Location: Gwanganri Beach / Suyoung-gu, Busan, South KoreaShort for "Best night in Korea" Benikea has been branded a chain of low to mid-priced four-star hotels in Korea.

The Korea Tourism Organization carefully selects hotels that provide reliable services and facilities. Signup at the Benika website and make reservations online.

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