Entry Inspection for Foreigners

Any foreigner who arrives in Korea needs to fulfill such conditions as holding a valid passport and a visa issued by the Korean Minister of Justice must not appear on the prohibition list. Tourists and dependants may stay up to 15 days without a visa if there are not any other special reasons. As well, the Immigration officers have the authority to request foreign entrants further reviews for inspection.

Conditional Entry Permission

If a foreigner cannot fulfill the necessary entry conditions due to unavoidable reasons or is deemed to require further review, the Immigration officers may endow a conditional entry permit up to 72 hours. In this case, the chief of a district or branch office may impose conditions such as a reference, financial guarantee, restrictions on boundary of stay, a duty to obey summons or other necessary conditions and, if deemed necessary, money deposit not exceeding 10 million won (approx. US $10,000)

Suspension of Departure

There is, in principle, no restriction for a foreigner's departure. However, the Minister of Justice may suspend the departure of a foreigner for various reasons. A foreigner can inquire about his or her suspension record at the district or branch office of the Immigration Bureau in person with an ID card. Those who want to clear the departure suspension should contact the organization that requested his or her suspension of departure. A foreigner cleared of a departure suspension is able to leave Korea within 10 days from the date of clearance without getting any permission such as permission to extend the period of stay, etc.

※ For more details about Entry Procedure & Departure Procedure, please see the website of the Ministry of Justice.