Korea, South in Asia (Article): Jeju International English village has caused so! much pain to so many people.Personally I am suffering, because I haven't got paid my wages and my wife is due to have a baby in less than 2 weeks. The suffering is immense burden I have to carry, and the threats and intimidation only make it worse.


Jeju International English village has caused so! much pain to so many people.


They have:

Child Neglect - Not fed children anything but rice, due to not paying grocery bill (in 2006 camp)

Not paid wages of employees - 6 pages of Names at the Ministry of Labor Computer System (myself includeㅇ)

Paid for misleading advertisements in Newspapers to decieve more parents

Stolen Property (Nintendo - modified software, used for training kids in English as a reward)

Committed Assault

Child Neglect - Didn't pay gas bill, leaving children in cold rooms for a week (until Sehwa Police called the parents up - 2012)

Issued mafia / death / kidnapping / police prosecution threats to numerous people (2006~2012 - myself included)

False and misleading advertising ! especially relating to the presence of foreign students, accomidation and services

Not paid contractors including Bora Bora Resort, The Chef (MOEL complaint) and many others.

Poor courseware and almost no planning assistance given to foreign teachers

Inappropriate contact with children (entering girls dormatory in the morning, touching bottoms etc)

Fired 2 Korean female staff in relation to the above matter, then the education manager, then all Korean staff except for two

Immigration non-compliance and entraping foreigners. Teachers on incorrect visa's can't petition for wages, as that will result in deportation

Human trafficking (working people for free and and bringing them from abroad to do this)

Had their old complex demolished by Jeju provincial government, yet continue to adverise it and switch the locati! on

Falsely advertised sister school arangements with many schools abroad that have denied assocation on letterhead

Gained some level of immunity from Ministry of Labor, Federal Police, Immigration prosecution somehow, or get very small fines. Korean Embassy in New Zealand has been defending this business when questioned by New Zealand media.

Lied to police Sehwa-ri officers about the camp ending, then changed it's location multiple times.

Played games with authorities and unpaid staff wasting their time, promising meetings or to pay and just not doing it (over the last 40 days)

Engaging in directing internet censorship, misusing libel laws to provde cover for their illegal business practice.



Please join, talk to other par! ents (respecting their privacy of course), and maybe together we can f ind a way to do a class legal action to recover our losses, and stop this business hurting more people!


I was shocked to hear the Korean New Zealand Embassy say to New Zealand Herald journalists that Lee Chan Won was cleared in his latest Gwanak-gu Police investigation referred from the Jeju Education office for running an unlicensed English camp. This may be false, but when people this high up may be protecting him I need to spread the word about my situtation for my own safety.


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