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The school doesn’t pay into the pension fund, (illegal), costing you 1.2 million won. To be fair though, you always got paid fully and on time. However, she arbitrarily makes ‘deductions” for things as cleaning the apartment. The school is not part of the national health plan. The school did not repay the deposit, nor the return airfare, claiming that it was too expensive.

According to the director, she is your “owner” and you are expected to work for her until you leave Korea. At the end of your contract, she expects you to re-sign, and if you don’t she gets nasty and tries to fire you with as little as 2 weeks remaining or will “recommend” that you do her a favor and work for one of her “friends.” (meaning you'll probably be treated just as bad.)

The apartments were okay, but were small, old and had mold. From a teaching perspective, you have no say. Classes change as little as a minute before class starts. You have no say in anything. You must teach by memorization, and cannot eat, use the computer or read when you don't have students.

The director screams at staff and students alike; huge anger problems. She is also closed minded and racist - aka looks down at foreigners, and only hires whites.


Please do not review this article, review the school on the link below:

TLC (Dongtan / Osan) - Private Schools - South Korea

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