Whitelist: International Language School (ILS), Gohyeon, Geoje IslandISL is located on the beautiful island of Geoje-do. I had worked for the for only 11 months due to changes that the school was making.

The school is family run and the owners are very nice. They were very approachable and helpful with any problems they do their best to assist the teachers if there are any problems with students or the work. Salary is always given on time and they assist with paying the utility bills. They also gave me my severance pay even though my contract was shortened.

For the 11 months that I had worked at ILS there was a lot of work to do to help the students with all of their practical English skills. Like all children there are good children and naughty children; fast learners and those who needed extra help.

As I have said there is a lot of work to do at this school. There are the weekly lesson plans in which I actually managed to do a month worth of plans which saved me time to prepare for the lessons which I kept varied and tried not to do the same thing for each class so the students did not get bored. Believe me students can get very bored of doing the same thing in every class. This was a little difficult due to the American curriculum that is being used. The only draw back is the curriculum it is continuous and can be tedious after a year of teaching it. Still as long as the lesson plan is strong enough to keep the students focused in class and also enjoying themselves it is rewarding in the end.

During certain times of the year there were extra curricular activities for the students which meant working longer hours but that was not a problem and this gave new students a chance to gain knowledge of English and allow established students a chance to practice skills that they have been taught in their usual classes.

Though I was a strict teacher and did not allow my students to use Konglish or make mistakes in their work they in turned pushed their own abilities to do well. I know they have the ability to do well; as a teacher I ensured that the students learnt what was necessary first and then used activities to help improve their understanding of what they are learning. I am proud of all of my students to whom I had taught and enjoyed teaching them.

I have been pleased working for this school and hope they continue to prosper.


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