Whitelist: GREAT HAGWON!!  DO NOT AVOID TLC HAGWON IN OSAN / DONGTAN.. its actually a really great schoolI worked for TLC in Dongtan from 2009-2010. Mrs. Song was there to meet me at the bus terminal in Osan at a very late hour. My experiences with the school were fantastic. She even let me take an extra day off in February so that I could have an extended vacation in Japan. The students are carefully selected by Mrs Song and the staff at TLC to ensure that they meet the high academic standards of TLC. In terms of accomodation, when there was a problem with mold on the wall, Mrs Song immediately assisted me in having the maintenance staff remove it.

Mrs Song is a fantastic boss to work for. There was a post written called "Avoid TLC Hagwon in Osan and Dongtan - the worst kind of character assasination and lies.. and the author should be ashamed of themselves. Mrs Song is currently looking for a new Native teacher, and if you're looking for a peaceful and relaxing job with a good working environment and fair pay, I'd strongly recommend TLC Academy in Osan / Dongtan.


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TLC (Dongtan / Osan) - Private Schools - South Korea