Blacklisted: Blacklist: Avalon, Ding Ding Dang, Reading Town, GumiDo not work at Avalon English Academy, Ding Ding Dang or Reading Town in Gumi City, South Korea. 

These schools are all run by the same people, and are in the same building. Do not work at any of them. I even emailed the Avalon corporate office, but even they don’t care and I never got a reply, so Avalon in general is suspect.  Advice for getting a good school is at the end.   To give an idea, while I was there from 25 November 2011 to 10 March 2012, at least 12 employees left or were fired, over 9 foreign.

They: fire people if requested to follow the contract, do not give letters of release to allow working at other schools if forced to leave, force you to work extra hours, don’t pay the medical insurance and pension even though they take the money, yell at staff when there is problems and do not resolve anything, withhold money every month, fire employees before their contract ends, don’t pay the end of year bonus or flight home, sue employees who quit and stay in country, spy on employees both at work and at the apartments when we are not there, have been fined by the Korean government multiple times. Do not work at any of these schools.

I thought that it would not happen to me, but it did. I had to leave without notice because the treatment there is unacceptable. In Gumi, the school is notorious for being a terrible school. It is notorious and well known for being a terrible school in Gumi. I met previous teachers who worked for them 10 years ago with the same problems.  Additionally, I would not use Michael Kim from, his email is He just sided with the school and was no help once we were there. Overall I liked my experience in Korea and the people, as I did travel there after I left.

I would have no problem working in Korea again. If I did it again, I would not take any job that starts immediately, and would ensure that I talked to the teacher I was replacing on Skype when they are alone, and at least one former teacher. Read between the lines. If the school does not allow this, then move on to the next one. Look through your contract carefully, and resolve any conflicts before going there, and ensure everything is clear. If there are too many issues in the contract, move on. I met many other teachers, and would say that about 50-70 percent have decent schools, with about 30-50 percent with intolerable schools.

If you contact the teachers, look through the contract, and take a job has non-hasty start date, you will have a MUCH higher chance of it being a great year.

All the best. Reid.

Director Name: Sally +82 (0) 10-5019-5964 School Names: Avalon English Academy, Ding Ding Dang or Reading Town (Same owners and building) School Number 054-456-1838 Address: Hana Bldg 5F Songjeong-dong 80-1, Gyeongbuk, Gumi City, South Korea Zip 730-940 Recruiter information:  Michael Kim #1206, Seongji Heights1-cha Bldg, Yeoksam1-dong 702-13  Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea  Zip 135-917 TEL) 82-2-532-4273



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