I worked for TLC in Osan from April 2011 to March 2012 and I really enjoyed my time there. The only reason I did not sign for a second 12 months with TLC was because I chose to go to another area of Korea.  I had no problems at all when I told the school I was moving on at the end of my contract, in fact she went out of her way to be helpful and wrote me a reference and offered to act as a verbal referee should I need that.

I found the Director to be a very kind, helpful and caring person.  She looked after me extremely well and she cares deeply for her students.  Over my 12 months there I also met a number of ex-students who dropped in on a regular basis to visit with the Director and keep her updated on their news and achievements. I was saddened, and annoyed, to read a scathing review of TLC, and its Director, as I believe that this is malicious and an unjustified in its attack.  

I believe that the Director is a very fair person who will go out of her way to make her teachers feel welcome and looked after. I was paid on time, paid fairly, and there were never any deductions taken from my pay that I was unaware of and were not totally justified as my expenses.  I would recommend TLC as a good place to work and the Director as a fair and kind boss.  If I chose to go back to that area of Korea I would be very happy to work at TLC again.  


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