Talking ClubE-Bo Young Talking Club hagwon in Bakdal dong, Anyang is a horrible new hagwon with an inexperienced owner/principal(Sherry Park or So Yeon park) who cheated me every chance she got. The list of all the times she mistreated/cheated me is too long to include everything. My apartment was pretty much a dirty hole in the wall down a dark alleyway. My toilet didn't even work :-[ . Furthermore, my contract stated that i would have 10 days paid vacation, she calimed the recruiter added that into my contract without her knowledge therefore I wasn't entitled to any days vacation so I had to go to the head office and they made her give me 5 days paid vacation. Better than nothing I guess.

She made me move apartments three times so she could find a better deal. The school was closed because of the swine flu breakout for one week which we had to make up on weekends. So we worked three weekends in a row. That was 20 days straight. Furthermore, in my contract it said she would count my teaching hours by minutes, so if i taught a 50 minute class she would not count it as an hour like most schools. So I was contracted to work 120 hours per month. At that rate I had to be at school more than 10 hours every single day teaching 8/9 classes per day just to reach overtime hours. Which never happened.

I also had to do phone teaching which was a big waste of my time. I had to call every single student and listen to them read for 5 minutes once a month. I had more than 80 students! I am not one of those teachers who just had a bad life in Korea and is blaming it all on their school/boss. I love Korea, and I've been there multiple times and will go back asap. But, I will not be teaching at an EBY school again. Especially the one in Bakdal. Please take my advice and don't even consider this school an option. There are way too many great schools out there for you to waste your time working 9 hours a day for a prejudice penny pinching dictator.




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