International School Blacklist: Hong Kong Scam:  Monkey Tree English Learning CenterLet's begin by stating that most of the people working for Monkey Tree have never attended university or been certified to teach.  Quite frankly, most of the people working there are nameless, and anonymous, being trafficked on the international marketplace, and since many are willing, then I'm not sure you can even call them people.  Next, let's move on to the fact that no teaching is required of anyone; it is babysitting.  Furthermore, the owner of this 'operation,' Ricky Sung, also known as "Mr. Lau" is a crime boss, and a pedophile.


 He encourages teachers to engage in prostitution, use drugs, and abuse the children.  This is a child pornography, prostitution, money laundering, and illegal drug operation, and any negative comment about this place on eslcafe is immediately taken down.  Needless to say, most of the 'teachers' are addicted to either cocaine, heroin, and/or methamphetamine.  It is truly a sick, and disgusting place to work, and I would not recommend it to anyone.  


There is a good reason that they are always advertising for teachers.  They are constantly expanding due to their illegal activities rather than any actual substance.  I guess that I should also warn that it is extremely common for 'teachers' to disappear in the middle of the night, and quite frankly, some of them probably do not leave Hong Kong, and end up dead.  At least three to four 'teachers' disappear each month and many of them are suicides, but I'm not so sure that these 'teachers' actually commit suicide.  


Bottom line:  do not work there unless you are interested in moonlighting as a prostitute, and need an unreliable protection racket (and don't mind calling a psychopathic pedophile, 'daddy')   



Please do not review this article, review the franchise on the link below:

Monkey Tree - Franchise - Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Scam: Monkey Tree English Learning Center
5 years ago.
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Gonna way in since I see Mr. Gonzo has almost 3,000 hits, and since I found nothing credible prior to my tenure. Pay is good, housing is good. But, stay away away away away.

Individual experience will vary as these are franchises. Some teachers get easy classes, easy schedules, good boss. Some don't. I found myself one of many working extra overtime (so called "lates") without consent, as is company policy (it's in the contract). You will almost certainly be overworked and tired and depressed. Given 47 hr/week base and more work on top depending on your situation, the pay is about US $12 /hr, paying you like an unqualified, entry level teacher (which most there are).

Mostly I want to comment on the above review in light 2800+ hits and the below comments. As crazy as above sounds, is (it's totally nuts), it sort of brushes up with the truth and there is some actual overlap.

Gonzo's true-ish stuff, explained: 1) Job is babysitting, with 2-14 students ages 2-10 in one classroom 2) Prostitution?!?! No, but actually a noticeable culture of 'A slept with B and now A is promoted' 3) CEO encourages behavior? No, but he does say "work hard, play hard" is company policy 4) I never experienced any h*r*i* or meth, but c*c*i*e was all over the place, especially in upper administration 5) Suicides? No, but half of the teachers in my training group "left in the middle of the night," which is the lingo used in-company (along with "pulled a runner).

Anyone can do better, above dude is crazy, but still don't work there.
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