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Thailand Recruiter Blacklist: Quest agency or agency QuestMessage on bangkok.craigslist:
They will hold back your money from you and refuse to issue a work permit or even help you fill out the paperwork and so on. The list goes on from other people who have been screwed by this so called agency and (Name removed email request) so called owner and director.
The reason why I am writing is that we are investigating an ESL placement agency here in Bangkok, Thailand using your name. Actually, they've been using three names EDKNOVATE, SMARTKURVE and AXIOM RECRUITMENT.


916/13-14 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor) Sukhumvit
Khlong Toei Nuea
Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand


916/13-14 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor) Sukhumvit
Khlong Toei Nuea
Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand


5300 Edina Industrial Blvd Suite 100 Edina, Mn. 55439


916/13-14 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor) Sukhumvit

Khlong Toei Nuea
Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand


At the request of other ESL placement agencies and Teaching job boards here in Thailand. We have been asked to investigate this company to see it is legit and legal, and is anyway a sub-contractor or a franchise of yours as they claim to be. Some of the main reasons is the director of three of the above recruitment agencies (Name removed email request) or (Name removed email request) a citizen of Thailand has received a lot of complaints about his business practices, from extortion, to theft of personal property, miss leading advertisement, threats against schools, teachers and other staff members.


We have contacted governmental offices in the state of Minnesota to verify his Limited Liability corporation registration and received a response form one of the staff members about it not even being registered! Furthermore we contacted the city where their other business is believed to be registered, and there is no listing.

Next was the fake name Exact Academy...and now: fraudulent job or teacher agent or agency Quest or Quest language center or school or Quest agency?! Hey Suwit Khunkitti...Your son is running one of the biggest education scams in Bangkok!


Please do not review this article, review the company on the link below:

SmartKurve - Company - Thailand



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