Blacklisted: St Joesph school Rayong ThailandSt. Joesph school in Rayong Thailand is guilty of the following:

1. They don't honour the contract for the 3,000 Baht pay raise. Ms. Pim (principal) just says that they're keeping you on probation for some made up lie of a reason.

2. They force you to work on Saturday.

3. The head teacher Jamie Street has no degree or teaching credentials. This is why he's not listed as a teacher on the schools web site.

4. You're paid in cash and no taxes are collected or paid. 5. No support from Thai teachers. One older one just says "Baa" to you everytime she sees you. This was the worst school I've ever been to! It's also why they are always hiring because of the constant turnover.

I feel sorry for the students who have new teachers every couple of months and the nuns who have no idea about the antics of the administration.


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St. Joseph Rayong School (SJR) - Private Catholic Girls School - Thailand