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Blacklisted: JP TeachersJP Teachers is also known as JP Education, Job Pro or TLC Thonburi Language Center. I'd write here what happened to me and my family, how they abused and take advantage of me, and you'll decide by yourself if they are - or not - to be trusted.

I was living in Bangkok before and some day I start searching for a job; you know, there comes a time when the money are just not enough. So I found this phony job placement agency, which is also a primary school, a TEFL certification school, a modeling agency and God knows how many other shady businesses they have.

Probably they started a lot of activities but they can't do any of them properly. Anyway, they offered me a long term contract in another city and I decided to move there. I was thinking that in one year I'll probably cover my expenses. And I must say that I did spend a lot, not only with the moving itself but also arranging the house I rented in the other city, trying to make it 'livable' for my family.

They sent me to a private primary school where I taught for one month. After that they told me that they must move me to another school because this one, the primary school, doesn't need me anymore. They didn't pay me the entire salary, blaming the school for not paying them... in other words, I worked for free for 2 weeks. With the second school it was almost the same.

I worked there until the holiday came. During the holiday the school found a native English speaker to replace me. actually, as I later found out, they were looking for native speakers all the time and the agency lied me from the beginning, when they promised a long term stable job. I have a 1 year (almost) old daughter and I was really in search of a stable job and a home for my family, that's why I decided to move and take their 'offer'. None of their school clients needs or wants non-native speakers.... and non of the schools they're working with cares about us, the foreign teachers.

The last salary, after a month delay, came only half. So they kept - again - 50% of it because "the schools didn't pay us" . they said. I understood one time, maybe they didn't get along with the first school, but with this one, the second, they're still in touch, they still do business together. The JP Teachers is still sending teachers to work there. And, like I said, their schools don't care about the teachers either. I asked them about my salary, told them that the agency doesn't pay me because the school didn't pay them, and they answered "I don't know if the school paid the agency or not".

It is clear that they're abusing their teachers. And I'd also like to mention that the same time I moved in the new city, they send another guy to another school and promised him 30000thb/month and free housing - they gave him 24000 only, saying that 6000 was for the house (?!).

In my school ALL the teachers sent by them were delayed with the salary payment and there was (maybe still is) one guy that was hoping to get his salary for 3 months (that's almost 3000$) - I couldn't understand why he was still working for them.

This agency doesn't make any work permits. All you have to do is sign a contract that has no legal value here, in Thailand. Well, this is why I think and claim that JP Teacher or JP Education or TLC or whatever is their name now is a scam. And below are the scammers, so you'll know, if you ever see them, that you are in the wrong place:


Please do not review this article, review the company on the link below:

KTN Education / JP Teachers / JP Education / Job Pro / TLC Thonburi Language Center - Company - Thailand



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They have rebranded as KTN Education
1 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
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Institute Review
I replied to a job ad on Facebook for KTN Education and was surprised to walk into the same people I met at JobPro Education. They have just rebranded probably because of previous bad reviews. I still went for the interview at a school upcountry and the woman was very rude. I don't know how the foreign guy who works there puts up with it.
Institution Location
Bangkok, Thailand
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5 years ago.
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5 years ago.
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to Maew
5 years ago.
Institute Review
Maew why are trying to defame this guy? If he is complaining then it means it is true, doesn't it?
It looks like you represent this agency and, instead of admitting your mistakes and apologize, you are trying to throw the blame on your victim.
Shame on you.
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  • Jack 5 years ago.
    Your agency is terrible, you greedy b*s*a*d just trying to take others people money.
    That about not paying I heard from two different friends, and you owe me 15000 baht!!
    And your fictive Thonburi Language Center.
    They are very very unprofessional.
    That means all ladies from agency, especially Maew and Nutt,
    What they are doing is freaking unbeliveable.

    I believe Wattaman's previous post is complete truth. Like I said i heard a lot about scams that they are doing.


  • Sandy 5 years ago.
    Walker: agreed.
5 years ago.
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