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Teach students about adjective and adverb phrases with educational classroom activities. You can modify the activities from easy to difficult depending on the age group. Activities allow the students to have fun while learning. Entice students to play along by awarding prizes like decorative pencils and notepads to activity winners or for a job well done.

Adjective Brainstorming
Divide students into groups of three or four and give each group a food menu from a restaurant. Tell the students to come up with adjectives for each menu items. For example, they could say “a plump, juicy cheeseburger” instead of a cheeseburger or “thick, salty French fries” instead of fries. Entice the students to try their best by awarding prizes for the best, most creative and funniest menu items. Alternatively, allow the students to use a grocery store ad instead of a restaurant menu.

Adverb Guessing
Write down several adverbs on separate index cards. For older students, give each student three index cards and have him write different adverbs, such as carefully, quietly, quickly and easily, on each card. After everyone finishes, mix the cards in a paper sack. Write down sentences on other index cards about things people do or say on a daily basis like “What time is it” and “Can you give me directions to the store?” Each student must draw one adverb and one sentence. He must act out the adverb, while the other students try to guess the adverb. For example, he must quietly ask for directions to the store or quickly ask what time it is.

Adjective Pictures
Print pictures of funny characters, such as a dog in a banana suit or a cat wearing a dress. Give one picture to each student to study. After the students look at the pictures for about five minutes, have each one stand in front of the class one at a time. Each student must describe his picture to the class using a variety of adjectives like “ridiculous,” “hilarious” or “goofy.” Tell the students they must use at least three adjectives that other students have not used.

Adverb Game
Play a game of “Simon Says” using adverbs. For example, say commands like “Simon says slowly take five steps” or “Simon says quickly hop four times.” As each student gets out of the game, allow her to call the commands. Make sure each student has a chance to call commands. Tell the students to use their imagination and come up with different adverbs for each command. Award prizes to the player who lasts in the game the longest and to the player who comes up with the most creative adverb commands.

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