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Choose the correct question for the answer  

1. ____________________? She’s a teacher.  

a) What you mother job?   b) What’s you mother job?   c) What’s your mother’s job?   d) What your mother’s job?    

2. ____________________? Yes, he does.   a) Does Ahmed have a pen?   b) Do Ahmed has a pens?   c) Does Ahmed pen has?   d) Do Ahmed have pen?    

3. ____________________? Yes, I am.   a) Is you going shopping?   b) Are you go to shopping?   c) Is you go to shopping?   d) Are you going shopping?  

4. ____________________? It is next to the bakery.   a) Where is bookshop?   b) Where are bookshop?   c) Where is the bookshop?   d) Is this your bookshop?  


Choose the correct word.  

1. This pizza is ___________!   a) exciting   b) terrible   c) delicious   d) ugly  

2. I don’t like being late for class. So, I ______ come early.   a) sometimes   b) never   c) always   d) usually  

3. £5. 60   a) five pounds eighty   b) five pounds sixty   c) five pounds ninety   d) six pounds sixty  

4. Where are you from? I’m from ________.   a) the library   b) Korea   c) city   d) King Saud University    


Read the passage.  

My name is Eric. I am 12. I want to talk about my family. I have two sisters. Their names are Rachel and Carrie. Rachel is 18 years old and Carrie is 10 years old. My mother’s name is Julia. She is 40 years old. My father’s name is Andre and he is an engineer. He builds bridges. I also have a cat named Paw. He is a big, brown cat.   Questions   Choose the correct answer.  

1. How many sisters does Eric have?   a) one   b) two   c) three   d) four    

2. How old is Eric’s mum?   a) thirty years old   b) thirty-five years old   c) forty years old   d) fifty years old    

3. What is Eric’s dad’s job?   a) an engineer   b) a policeman   c) a construction worker   d) a plumber    

4. What is Eric’s cat called?   a) Julia   b) Carrie   c) Paw   d) Andre    

5. What is the name of Eric’s oldest sister   a) Carrie   b) Rachel   c) Julia   d) Charlotte     6. What colour is Eric’s cat.   a) He is white and brown.   b) He is black.   c) He is brown.   d) He is white.    

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