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Short Stories for Children of all Ages: Milly, Molly and HenryMilly, Molly and Henry



What is it about Henry?

Henry knows how he feels and he owns his feelings.

He says no when he means it and yes if it pleases him.

Henry is kind to the girls and nice to the boys.

He doesn´t blush and he doesn´t giggle either.

Henry isn´t pushy nor is he backward.

He knows what he likes and what he doesn´t.

He doesn´t always need a friend to play with or a soul to talk to.

He laughs loudly at the funny parts and cries openly through the sad bits.

Reading to the class is a breeze and making mistakes not a problem.

Henry takes math in his stride and plays catch one handed.

He doesn´t mind being laughed at or teased and poked fun at.

Henry opens doors for the mothers and stands up for the fathers.

He remembers his pleases and never forgets his thank-yous.

Henry owns up to his shortcomings and confesses to his weaknesses.

Henry wears his hair straight when everyone spikes it.

When tight pants are cool, Henry wears baggies.

When blue shirts are in, Henry wears red ones.

And who is the most sought-after friend in the school?


Henry is Henry and that´s all there is to it.




Gill Pittar

Milly, Molly and Henry

New Zealand, MM House Publishing, 2003

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