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Short stories for Children Of All ages: Why is Mommy sad?Why is Mommy sad?


My Mom used to smile more. Now she has sad days. She said she has Depression.

Depression is an illness that makes a person sad. People who are depressed have days when they feel very sad. They have days when they feel better. On sad days they might not smile much or they might cry. Depression is a problem with feelings.


I asked my Mom if we could go to the park. She said she was tired.

Depression often causes tiredness. Your parent might not have the energy to do things that she used to be able to do.


I asked my Mom if we could make cookies. She said she had to rest.

Sometimes people with depression don't feel like doing fun things.


My mom yells at me sometimes.

Sometimes people with depression get mad more easily. They might lose their temper or yell or get mad.


She goes in her room and shuts the door.

Some people with depression need to be left alone for a while.


Sometimes she sleeps when I want to play.

People with depression sometimes need to take naps to feel better. People with depression often need to sleep more. Some depressed parents may not be able to get to sleep.


I miss going places with my mom. I wish she would spend more time with me.

Depression often makes people not want to do things they used to enjoy doing because they feel sad. Parents don't feel sad on purpose. They don't like to feel sad.


My Mom has depression.

She said it's like when I once got sick. I had a runny nose.

Depression is an illness — just like having a cold. It is no one's fault that she has depression. You can't catch depression from being around someone who is depressed.


When I was sick with a cold, I took medicine. It made me feel better. My Mom takes medicine for depression.

People with depression often take pills to help them feel better. It takes a long time for the medicine to work. Sometimes the medicine helps them feel a little bit better. Sometimes the medicine helps them feel a lot better.


I drew a picture of me and my Mom.

My Mom smiled. I gave my Mom a hug.

Little things go a long way for a mom or dad with depression. It's not your job to make your mom or dad feel better. Kids can't do anything to cause depression. Your parent still loves you and you still love your parent.




Paul Chan

Why is Mommy sad?

Laguna Hills, CCS Publishing

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