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Short Stories for Children of All Ages: The Man in the Big CarThe Man in the Big Car


Look at the man standing near the car. He is giving the other man a lot of money. The man on the pavement is saying, ‘Thank you.’ The two men are smiling.

Now the man is getting into the car. It is his car. He is very happy. He is smiling. It is a big car. It can go very fast.

The man is driving the car. The car is very, very big. The car is blue and the seats are blue, too. The paint is shining. The wheels are white. Can you see the lights?

Now the man is driving the car very fast. He is smiling. He is very happy. He is not looking in front of the car. He is looking behind. He is very careless.

Look at the hens and the ducks. They are running and jumping.

The car is going very fast. There is a cat in front of the car. The man is not looking behind now. He is looking in front. He can see the cat. Is he stopping? Is he smiling?

Look at the cat! It is jumping up. Cats can jump. This cat is jumping up into a tree! It is holding one of the branches.


The man in the car is looking behind. He is looking at the cat. He is laughing.


These boys are riding bicycles. They are riding at the side of the road. They are not riding the bicycles carelessly. They are being careful.

Look at the car. It is coming along the road. It is behind the two boys. The man is driving fast and carelessly. He is not looking in front of him.

The boys are not on their bicycles. One boy is sitting in the road. He is holding his head.

One boy is sitting on the grass at the side of the road. He is looking at his knee. There is a cut on his knee. The car is not stopping.

Look at this girl. She is walking along the side of the road. Her dress is clean. Her shoes are clean. Her socks are clean. There is water in the road.


The driver can see the water. He is not stopping. He is not going slowly. He is not going around the water. The front wheel of the car is going into the water.

Look at the water! The water is going over the girl.


Look at the girl’s dress! Look at her shoes! Look at her socks! They are not clean now. They are dirty. The girl is crying.


The man in the car is not looking behind. He is not stopping. He is not helping the girl. He is smiling.

The girl is unhappy but the man in the car is happy.

This man is sitting on a seat by the road. He has a newspaper in his hand but he is not reading it. The sun is shining. It is hot. The man’s hat is over his eyes. He is asleep.

There is a dog by the side of the seat. His dog is sleeping, too. There is a tree behind the seat and there are some birds in the tree. They are singing.

Look at the seat now! The man is not sleeping. He is not sitting down. He is on his feet. He is jumping up and down and shouting. He is holding up his arms. He is shouting at the driver of the car. The birds are not singing but the dog is barking. There is a lot of noise!

Look at all the people. This is a picnic. Can you see the fire? Can you see the smoke? The man is cooking some meat over the fire. The woman is helping him. The girl is putting a table-cloth on the grass. One boy is putting some plates on the cloth. Another boy is putting some knives and spoons on the cloth.

The car is coming. Can you see it?


Look at the smoke! Look at the fire! The man’s face is dirty. His shirt is dirty. The woman’s face is dirty. Her dress is dirty. The table-cloth is dirty. The children’s faces are dirty. The meat is in the fire. There is nothing to eat. They cannot have their picnic. They are all very unhappy.

What is the man doing? He is painting the top of his shop. He is painting it red. He is standing on a ladder. The foot of the ladder is near the side of the road.

Can you see the car? It is going very fast. The man is driving very carelessly. The wheel of the car is knocking the foot of the ladder. The man is falling down. The tin of paint is fallingon him.

The car is not stopping. The driver is laughing.

The woman is looking at the shop window. She is carrying a big basket. In the basket there are a box of matches, a bag of rice, a tin of soup, a bag of sugar, a packet of tea, a tin of coffee and some bread.

Where is the basket? It is on the road. Where is the box of matches? Where is the bag of rice? Where is the tin of soup? Where is the bag of sugar? Where is the packet of tea? Where is the tin of coffee? Where is the bread?

The driver is looking back. He is laughing at the woman. He is not looking in front. There is a tree in front of the car. The car is going very fast. The man cannot see the tree.

Now the man can see the tree. He is not laughing now. He is shouting. He is turning the wheel. The car is turning. The side of the car is knocking the tree.

Can you see the river?

Now the car is in the river. There is water in the car. We cannot see the wheels. They are under the water. The car is not going fast now!

Look at the people! They are looking at the man in the car and they are laughing.

Now all the people are talking to a policeman, and the policeman is talking to the man.
“You are very careless”, he is saying. ‘You are a bad driver. What is your name? Where do you live?”
The policeman is writing in his book. The driver of the big car is very wet and very unhappy.
D. H. Howe
The man in the big car
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1990

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