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China Scam & Schemes: Avoid Scam Job Ads From Echinacities.com - They sell your resumes and post personal ID online!  ID Thieves Cooperate!As a former member and investigator from the China Teachers Alliance for 3 years (back in 2007-2010) before the Chinese government refused to renew the visas of our leaders in 2010, I developed a good nose for smelling out China scams and I think I just found a big one. The China Scam Patrol agrees with me...  EChinaCities.com is owned and operated by a CBC named George Xu sells teacher resumes to third party Chinese recruiters like GTeachers.org and others, some of them who in turn sell those that say "No Thank you" to ID thieves.  Virtually everyone who registers and sends their resumes to Echinacities.com is at risk and do not realize they are being peddled like cattle for up to 100 yuan per resume and/or 2,000 yuan per placement. 


Echinacities.com never discloses the employer behind the 3,000 teacher job ads they advertise every month so you have no idea if the "blind ads" are real or not.  Many are fabricated just to lure new users to apply for a non-existent job as China Scam Patrol wrote about in 2013 at this link: China Head Hunter Fraud This is a common head hunter trick that is reffered to as "magnet ads".    Further, it is impossible to apply for any ad at EChinaCities.com without uploading your resume and photo to them, which they then post online without your knowledge, although when you click to accept their terms of agreements, you are consenting to this (Who really reads all that fine print?).


How did I learn about this?  After I read about what a former moderator "Traveler" had to say about the ethical void at EchinaCities here at this link:  ECC Exposed By China Daily Mail   I became suspicious and later when I applied for a teaching job at echinacities, I started getting a lot of spam from recruiters that I never received before and most of them advertise at Echinacities like the inafamous China ESL and Hangzhou Hellen Group, etc.  Then after I found a job on my own, a colleague asked me why I was still looking for a job. When I asked him what the hell he was talking about, he gave me a link to GTeachers.org - a company I never heard of.  I certainly did not ever send a resume to these people.  I went to visit the company a few days later, and befriended a young lady who I invited for lunch under false pretenses along with a friend of mine who volunteers for China Scam Patrol. (She is desperate to meet a boyfriend and so I introduced my CSP friend).


During this two hour lunch we started talking about foreign teacher scams in China and she mentioned the lucrative resum business run by Echinacities.com and another company based out of New York that China Scam Patrol is working on now (can't spill the beans just yet).  Anyway, the Chinese employee of GTeachers.org admitted that "Some of the resumes are resold to yet other people who will pay up to 5,000 yuan each if we have passport scans, and even 10,000 yuan if we have copies of diplomas and actual real photographs"  When I asked why someone would pay so much for that info. She replied "Those are the guys who sell credit cards". She did not have to say more.  This article will fill in the remaining blanks for you:  China ID Theft Targets ESL Teachers


BTW... I learned that the CFTU had posted questions about this ECC policy in the ECC "answers" section but their question was deleted after only a few days and now they are apparently banned from posting at Echinacities.com and are often derided by the ECC staff using anonymous user names as "Traveler" explained in his China Daily confession.


Now please keep in mind that we stumbled across only one resume buyer in China (GTachers.org)  How many more are out there?  The solution?  Avoid job ads from EChinaCities.com and any other company that either sells your resume, or posts it online without your knowledge. China Scam Patrol is now investigating three other similar operations and I agreed to work undercover for them.  You maybe might also want to read this here: Why So Many Teacher Scams In China?


Please do not review this article, review the online website on the link below:

Echinacities.com / Sinocities.com - Online Website - China



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Echinacities Is Censoring Truth About China Scams & Self
  · 2 years ago.
Echinacities is a big pig with lipstick that looks great on the surface but is still swine beneath the skin.  If you google "China job resume scam" you will find three dozen articles that expose ECC as a broker of personal resumes that was caught selling them to identity thieves by China Scam Patrol (https://chinascamwatch.wordpress.com) but they do not evne talk about it on their website - as if it never happened. If a ECC user brings up the subject in any way, he comment is deleted. If they try a second time, they are banned. Yes, Dave's ESLCafe and the Beijinger have been doing this for years as well, but only to protect the reputations of their paid advertisers (https://scam.com/showthread.php?t=644914) ECC knowingly peddles our resumes to identity thieves and their own former moderator Craig Hill aka "Traveler" confirms the criminal character of the owner George Xu in this old blog he wrote after resign his post with ECC: https://chinadailymail.com/2013/12/18/echinacities-expat-website-now-a-propaganda-machine/  Sinocities.com is the entity that will contact you within two weeks after you have said "No" to all the previous garbage job offers you receive from the dozen China job agents who also bought your resume from George. Old George also owns Sinocities, so he gets to take two bites of your apple.

Was this review helpful to you?

I am not surprised by this news.  Why?  Because last year some animal rights activists caught Echinacities.com advertising illegal animal parts on its web site like ivory, bear bile, tiger penis, and rhino horn and only after a shitload of protests did they remove the ads. You can google the story or read about it over here https://annamiticus.com/tag/echinacities-com-rhino-horn/ and at scam.com which is getting really interesting with the new disclosures from former employees. See this here  https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=620902

The ECC owner is a millionaire from what they say at realscam.com with his CCP fingers in a lot of different pies. Ripping of foreign teachers is probably not his only income stream these days.
Was this review helpful to you?
This appears to be an issue for more than a year as I found these two old articles talking about Echinacities.com running ads and collecting money from know scam artists Rebecca Tang of China ESL and others.  https://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/china-expat-forums-friend-or-foe-either-way-a-conflict-of-interest-for-sure/

Also it seems that user "Pegasus" was banned for posting this post which was his last: at ECC:  https://answers.echinacities.com/node/115523  So what other said looks to be true. It would be great if "traveler" could sign on here and give us more details.  No matter what, ECC should be boycotted by every ESL and TEFL teacher in the world - just my opinion.

 Clark attached 1 photos.

Was this review helpful to you?
Now I know why I have been targeted for so many online scams after I sent my resume to Echinacities.com a few months ago!  It all makes sense now. I have no choice but to change my email and mobile number since almost half of my inbox and half of my incoming calls are some dodgy recruiters wanting to "help" me. Whoever owns echinacities.com should be taken to Tienanmen square and beheaded. The guy must be a multi-millionaire by now.

 Rally attached 1 photos.

Was this review helpful to you?

I think Echinacities.com is a shameful sham that every foreigner should avoid. This glitzy web site, as confirmed by the former moderator "Traveler" is owned and operated by a communist party member who censors whatever is not convenient for him - including users who try to alert others that scams are advertised on the ECC website.  Ne less than 9 users have been banned in the last year for trying to alert teachers to these frauds. The latest casualty was a user named "Almost"  who was trying to tell people about the long term effects of being deported from China for not having the correct visa here at this link:  https://answers.echinacities.com/node/235631

The guy has been banned and after he was locked out from the Answers forum he was then ridiculed and attacked by two ECC users who "Almost" identified as ESL teacher recruiters posing as "teacher colleagues".  Other past victims of censorship and deletions included users "Grumpy" and  "EZ4ME2B" as well as the CFTU which tried to expose ads on ECC from known and blacklisted scammers China ESL and Hellen Group of Hangzhou.

The bottom line is that your resume = money to Echinacities and they care less who the buyers may be even these people: China Job Applicants Victimized By ID Theft

I suggest anyone looking for a teaching job in China read these links and avoid the wolves at Echinacities.com


Was this review helpful to you?

Yep, I too got my inbox full of shitty spam after sending my resume to Echinacities.com and I am now thinking of changing my email address.  I thank Traveler and China Scam Patrol for coming out with this.  I see that a ECC user named "Tarzan" actually posted this question at ECC 2 months ago and no moderator bothered to answer:   Unanswered Question At ECC Website...   https://answers.echinacities.com/node/218470

"How can I apply for a job advertised here at ECC WITHOUT posting my resume and photo online?I don't want my current employer to see me looking for a new job and I do not see any option to apply for an advertised job here at ECC that lets us apply WITHOUT posting our resume and photo online.  Identity thieves probably love this web site!"
Was this review helpful to you?
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