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China Scam or Schemes: Red Alert!  OnlineTefl.com - Scam In ProgressThese Brits are almost as bad as the Chinese!  They will say anything to sell their TEFL courses and that includes a pack of lies about their internships (real jobs where they collect 50% of the salaries as their fee!) and how great and wonderful and safe China is!  Anyone who works here knows that only Nigeria has more scams targeting expats than China. 

They lie about teachers able to earn "small fortunes" in China when really we are the lowest paid foreigners in China and without having roomates we could not survive here if we have student loans to pay.  They also tell their buyers that they will never get hired in China without a TEFL certificate and that is a pile of manure.  Maybe 5% of foreign teachers working in China have TEFL certs.  They also censored teachers who try to tell the truth and don't want people to know about ChinaScamBusters.com.

Just google all the complaints about these people or read the list at http://ChinaFraudPatrol.blogspot.co.uk for yourself. Anyone who has to hide the truth and delete questions and comments from their own community forum should be ashamed of themselves. Sometimes I wonder if a Nazi or a North Korean owns that company since most Brits I know don't very much like censorship nor people who conceal facts or evade legitimate questions.  I urge everyone to do their homework when they see the i-to-i email in their inbox because these people are notorious spammers as well!


-2 # InterestingTeacherTeacher 2013-04-23 17:12
Wow! I did my TEFL with this company in the UK in 2007 and I had no problems. Mind you I decided to do just the 120hr online course and 20hr workshop which was done in Regents Park.

My sister also did her TEFL with i-to-i in 2004 she was at Leeds University and again it was online when she did hers. My husband was with me in Korea when he did his online TEFL with i-to-i.

We all decided not to take the travel and work abroad one as we all know that you pay out more than what it is really worth with no guarantee of a job afterwards.

If anything I would like to suggest doing a CELTA instead as it is a Cambridge University diploma and the techniques taught can also be used with young learners as well as adults. It is also an internationally recognised qualification and opens more doors to more countries if you only have a Bachelors. I really enjoyed doing the CELTA in Chaing Mai and having a nice holiday.
+12 # They screwed me tooJake 2013-04-25 04:16
I took their course only because I was promised a paid internship when I completed the course. Then after I finished, I was told I would have to go on a waiting list (1-3 month wait time) Then two weeks ago I was offered a paid internship and the identical job description was advertised on-line with a salary that was double what onlinetefl.com offered me!
+6 # I agree US versionGuest 2013-05-01 04:12
I would highly recommend choosing another program! Try a TESOL program. I currently have an i-to-i certification and I believe there are better courses out there. To be honest, if your really looking at becoming a serious teacher I'd get a degree in the field you'd like to teach in. It will open more doors and provide you with better pay. A TEFL/TESOL qualification would be perfect to get you started and you could probably enroll in an online masters certification or what ever you may need. Hope that helps. Do a great deal of research before choosing!
+1 # RE: I agree US versionDee 2013-05-01 14:06
I did a CELTA 2yrs after getting the online TEFL and next year I am heading back to uni to do my PGCE (Post Grad Cert in Education). I am looking forward to not just teaching ESL it also opens more doors for me.
0 # Really?!TeacherTeacher 2013-04-30 16:58
I took a CELTA and they did the same thing! Do really think that these companies expect you to wait for them to find you a position with a good salary? Absolutely not! You should be actively looking for a position yourself.

As I have said I did my TEFL with this company and had no expectations on them finding me a position. I found a fantastic position in Korea and stayed there for 4 years. I am now teaching in a university in Saudi Arabia and making a good salary thanks to i-to-i helping me make a start on my career.

Also i-to-i are not spammers and have been running for 19years. You will only get emails from them if: 1) You have done a course with them and they give support for a year after you have completed the course, which includes advertising their other courses; 2) You have asked for information; 3) Clicked the button to allow for emails to be sent about future courses etc.
+12 # i-to-i Is Bad News For SureCraig H. 2013-05-06 12:24
These bastards stole the good name of an old honorable company that went out of business over a decade ago! These people are ruthless thieves. Their TEFL certificate is 100% worthless garbage that nobody accepts.

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