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Blacklisted: Wenzhou University (Oujiang College)I would like to remind those considering teaching at Wenzhou University, this is a really bad idea. I should add my experience to the list so others are aware. I took a job at Wenzhou University in 2009-2010 school year. I signed the contract with Wenzhou University and when I arrived I was told that I would be working for a branch of the large university, Oujiang College.

I met the head of the department, a woman named Shelly. I could go on about all things that happened here but I want to keep it short and tell you what matters: the school was terrible on pay and conditions. For the first few months I literally had to beg and plead to get paid. They'd tell me it'd be ready the next day, but no, then the next and so on until your pleading got loud enough, then they'd pay-- finally!

At the end of the contract I was due a 6,000 Rmb airfare payment. The school refused to pay this despite harping on this bonus at the end to get me there in the first place. The Foreign Affairs Office is totally against you. Don't talk to them for help. They don't give a shit about you and if there's an argument, Chinese believe Chinese are always right.

My apartment had no heat. No air-con thingie with heat at all. None. I complained about this several times, a guy came over and tried to fix it but to no avail and then nobody cared after that. Wenzhou gets down to -4 C some nights and is frequently around 0 or -C for many weeks at a times. I was FREEZING. I have never been so cold to the bone in my life.

Working at this University is hell. I'm not kidding. Don't teach here. I was intensely suicidal at points when I worked here. I'm glad I got through it. Years later now I think of that as the worst place I've ever taught or worked, hands down. "What does not kill us makes us stronger " as Nietzsche wrote, that is true, but please test your mettle somewhere else, working at this school is a waste of your time and life. ~Bloom


# COMMENT_TITLE_R E Wenzhou University (Oujiang College)Guest 2012-09-27 15:04
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