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Institute Review
Echinacities is a big pig with lipstick that looks great on the surface but is still swine beneath the skin.  If you google "China job resume scam" you will find three dozen articles that expose ECC as a broker of personal resumes that was caught selling them to identity thieves by China Scam Patrol ( but they do not evne talk about it on their website - as if it never happened. If a ECC user brings up the subject in any way, he comment is deleted. If they try a second time, they are banned. Yes, Dave's ESLCafe and the Beijinger have been doing this for years as well, but only to protect the reputations of their paid advertisers ( ECC knowingly peddles our resumes to identity thieves and their own former moderator Craig Hill aka "Traveler" confirms the criminal character of the owner George Xu in this old blog he wrote after resign his post with ECC: is the entity that will contact you within two weeks after you have said "No" to all the previous garbage job offers you receive from the dozen China job agents who also bought your resume from George. Old George also owns Sinocities, so he gets to take two bites of your apple.

Institute Review
I remember when I first came to China I swore that I would never work for one of the many black schools and nagged my friends for being part of a fraud. Then I realized they were only there to meet the parent and students and left after 3 months to do private tutoring. So they are now earning almost double what I am and I may soon try my hand at the same game.

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