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  • China.Scam.Patrol
  • China.Scam.Patrol's Avatar
20 Feb 2018 03:50 - 20 Feb 2018 04:00
Warning! i-to-i and TEFL Frauds - Still scamming new ESL teachers was created by China.Scam.Patrol

Warning! i-to-i and TEFL Frauds - Still scamming new ESL teachers

Category: China

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We first blew the whistle on these sly characters about 5 years ago and the CTA and CFTU also posted warnings here at in 2014 and 2016 but they are still managing to find new gullible victims for their online TEFL training program. Their history of selling bogus TEFL certificates is well documented at scam,com and on reddit. The below links will tell you everything they hide from you by using clever SEO tactics of buying so much Google advertising and adwords that consume the first two pages with their fake shill testimonials and review and FOUR SELF-CREATED TEFL REVIEW BLOG SITES. They are wizards at concealing all their real negative reviews and complaints by pushing them down on search results since they know nobody looks beyond the first two pages on internet searches. WE DO. We search 25 pages deep and here is the truth about these fraudsters;

We recently had a volunteer teacher here in China play along as an undercover potential customer and we will soon be publishing a transcript of his "interesting" conversation with an i-to-i sales rep over the course of a month where the prices kept dropping on every other telephone call. But to be crystal clear here are the FACTS:

- Both of these companies sell the same products from the U.K. and are owned by the same man
- Neither company is "partners" with China's Ministry of Education as they falsely claim
- TEFL teachers who really took the course are mostly disenchanted and felt misled
- 80% of their online reviews and testimonials are fake (read above links for proof)
- There is minimum human contact during their training
- Nobody from the company was willing to talk with us on the phone when we called - twice.
- TEFL certificates are NOT a legal requirement to teach in China although they probably should be
- The i-to-i sales reps evade the hard questions and outright lie to make a sale
- Their longevity is only due to self created propaganda they create and spam all over the internet.
- Their TEFL certificate is NOT "officially recognized and accepted in over 100 countries around the world"

Here is the ingenious marketing trick they use to fool people... First, they created 4 TEFL Review websites where their course is always rated the best. They then use these four sites like this one here below to provided as "proof" to all of their prospective buyers. They then buy advertising on every teach abroad web site linking back to the fake reviews and testimonials. Once they have you on the phone they "guarantee you a TEFL job abroad" or a "TEFL internship abroad" which is absolutely true - BUT the job they offer you is a crap job that nobody really wants like teaching in Afghanistan or Guatemala, or China for $800 a month! The "TEFL internships" they offer are mostly all in China and are actually real jobs disguised as an "internship" by cutting the salary in half. So a real teaching job in Jiangsu Province that normally pays 10,000 rmb a month will be offered as a 6 month TEFL internship that pays a monthly stipend of 5,000rmb. The school owners in Jiangsu (and other provinces) are thrilled with this arrangement because they save a ton of cash and do not have to give any costly medical insurance, vacation pay, nor even pay overtime to "interns".

Need we say more? Please warn your friends. These people define the word "Devious". Find a real classroom TEFL training course where you can have a real dialogue with a real person and ask real questions.
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