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file Old Russian GI2C Scam Artist is back: Laowai Career Center - new China Job scam

1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #1297 by Thumper
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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #1292 by China.Scam.Patrol

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Well, just when we thought that the long-time China scam artist had finally retired (or moved back to Belarus) we find him once again in Beijing with a new fraud but using his same MOof fake testimonials and reviews that are bought and paid for. It appears he graduated from illegal internships to black market China jobs. Although he advertises jobs that appear to be legitimate, Yuri Khlystov does so, only to get the resumes flowing in. His sales people motivated by high commissions will then call back to arrange a very legitimate - sounding interview. Some of the interviews are with real employers, although most are not authorized nor licensed by SAFEA to hire foreigners.

The rejects, those without 4-year university degrees or unable to get sponsored with a real Z visa, get a mystery call from a third party that is just so coincidental offering to sell you a fake degree and/or TEFL certificate so you can get that great teaching job offered by Laowai Career Center. If you buy them however, you will be a bit pissed off to learn that the great paying job they sold you on last week, "was already filled". But the "good news" is they have other employers that will take you if you are willing to "bend the rules a little bit" (aka break the Chinese law!)

At this point, you are either offered jobs with blacklisted schools and "training centers" that are not licensed to hire foreigners or you are offered an internship with a huge "international company" for an extra fee of course. If you go the internship route, you "probably" will be hired with a substantial salary when the internship finishes. If you take the crappy pay job with the blacklisted school, you stand a 50/50 chance of being caught working without a Z visa or a real degree and get yourself arrested, thrown in a Chinese jail for a month, fined $2,000 and then deported as a convicted felon. Of course, you could equally get lucky and go undetected. It's really a coin toss

Yuri is not a stupid guy. He has been running the most sophisticated scams in China since 2006 as you can see here: . He knows better than to put anything illegal on his web site or in written emails. All the shady illegal things his staff will "suggest" to you will be in verbal calls - like lying on your visa application.

If you want confirmation of how he works just Google "Winnie Maliko, Gi2c, China, internship" for a taste of their operating style. or just visit or this link for more background on this Yuri character: and also
So if you want a safe and legitimate job in China simply contact the HR department of any school or company directly and/or just fax or email your resume in English with "HR" & "FAO" on the cover page with your Skype and regular phone number, and a photo. They will contact you within 1 week if they have openings that require a foreigner with your skills. Chinese only process applications and resumes that arrive with photos so be sure to include one. Do not send copies of your passport until you establish two way confirmed communications.

If you are interested in a FREE internship with a Fortune 500 or MNC company, just follow the instructions here and you will avoid all the scams by doing it yourself with no brokers, agents, or middlemen involved: .
Last edit: 1 year 3 months ago by China.Scam.Patrol.
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