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Burma (Myanmar) in Asia (Company): Starfish Education - Private School - Myanmar


Starfish Education is a company located in Yangon, Myanmar.


Address: Power Condo, Insein Road, Hledan, Yangon, Kamaryut Township, 3B, Myanmar.

Website: Starfish Education

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One to avoid for sure!
2 months ago.
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Where to begin with this place.? Which was only yest*r*ay [September 3rd] advertising widely to recruit more teaching staff, following the latest exodus..........let me state this quite clearly-in the 3 years or so that this institute has been hiring 'native speakers' only 2 have ever completed the one year contract. ALL others have either- 1] Walked away after a few days 2] Walked away after a few weeks 3] been fired by the owner/director prior to completing the 3 month probation 4] been fired further down the line.....the average turnover per teacher is less than 3 months, which, surprise-surprise is also the probation period, before the teachers move onto the full salary!
People have walked for numerous reasons- finding themselves with an overwhelming number of teaching hours [36-37 a week anyone?] over a full 6 day period, finding themselves unable to cope with the slum shared accommodation, finding the sheer crass money making priorities of the owner totally at odds with the very concept of offering an educational service.
Those who are dismissed are often subject to absolute lies as the reason for their departure....
Let me state that this is very much a 'mom and pop' outfit-run along the lines of the old Korean hogwan formula.....the owner is megalomaniac in his obsession with profit and ensuring student 'customer' satisfaction, he has no concern for the well being of his staff or any difficulties that they may face.Staff are monitored and spied upon from his office, emails are regularly checked, and possibly read? I would absolutely recommend staying well away from this institute-if you value your state of mind and wish for any kind of life in Myanmar-outside of the job! Yangon is a rapidly expanding market for ESL and there are already several worthwhile options that mean anybody, particularly with the experience and skill set required, can avoid a nightmarish gig like this.
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  • Be forewarned 2 months ago.
    Totally agree with the OP. Join this place at your peril!

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