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Boxfish Education is an online company located in Beijing, China.


Address: TUS Park, Beijing, China.

Website: Boxfish Education

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Great interface, poor behind the scenes
3 years ago.
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Institute Review
I have been working with BOXFiSH's online lessons since they began and have could not be more mixed about my feelings regarding this company. They do exclusively mobile app based lessons, which are very well made and are quite a joy to use. In the beginning, they had about 20 slides in a 25 minute class, with each one set up to spark a conversation. It was not a lesson in grammar or phonics or in anything, just an opportunity to get a ESL student talking, and it was great for a person like me, who can keep a conversation going while still being a great listener. On the app, you say when you're available and they give you as many classes as you like. Despite only being able to do 3 classes on weekdays, I still made $1000 in September. It was great.

Then, they went dark. Classes stopped happening. You schedule and schedule and schedule, and there is nothing. If you ever got a response from their helpdesk, it was cryptic, short and useless. They just don't communicate with their employees. After 3 weeks, they finally mentioned that they were rolling out new classes (without explaining that that was why there weren't any classes). The new classes are everything. Vocab, Conversation, Grammar, Phonics; the whole shibang. They are okay, but they take a little more work to teach. As long as the student picks the right experience level, it's fine. If a 14 year old (most young students) picks an advanced course, it can be difficult. But sometimes you get adults who are moderate to very good at English. These people are an absolute pleasure to teach. It's actually difficult to finish a lesson then because you just have too much fun talking! With these new classes rolling out, scheduling has once again picked back up, but at a MUCH SLOWER RATE. Despite booking 100% of the available hours, I am only getting about 10 classes per week. This is likely because they are CONSTANTLY hiring. More and more teachers being made available to teach, which means less hour for the rest of us. Hopefully I am wrong and they are just patching the system, but I don't think $1000 months will happen again.
The pros
Amazing application with great interface and good content.
Great students in a well spread age range suitable for most teachers.
Great pay ($10 per 25 minute class)
The cons
Absolutely no backstage support. Teachers are not informed of changes and questions go unanswered.
A dip in the amount of available classes at this time.
Advice to Management
I don't know how your WeChat support is set up, but it doesn't work. If we have a question, it should be answered within an hour, not ignored constantly. You need to inform your teachers if you want to keep them on staff.
Institution Location
Online institution which can be worked from the comfort of your home.
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