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China in Asia (online): / - Website - and is a community, English-language website that provides a range of services and information for both international visitors and China-based expats.


Website: Echinacities

Website: Sinocities

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Strange email from Jenny Echinacities
3 years ago.
Institute Review
So, today I had an email from someone calling themselves Jenny at golden ladder in China, doing some research seems that they have a few websites which I have passed to ESlwatch. What gets me is that in the email she says she got my email from echinacities, which is impossible as I have never posted my email CV or even a cover letter on that site. So how did she get my email, I have been looking for a job a few months ago in China, but I now have one in UAE and pulled down any referance that I was looking for job at least 5 weeks ago. Below is a copy of the email from Jenny.

I got your resume from echinacities. We sincerely invite you to consider the position below:
ESL teacher in learning school in center of Shanghai or other cities with good benefits, less workload, Fresh graduates acceptable

ESL teaching in learning center.
3-15 years old
*Work Hours:
-- Less than 18 classes per week, total 26 hours working per week, 12:00-20:00 in the week day, need work in the weekend
--2 days off per week in the work day.
--Holiday:11 public holidays +5 days annual holiday.
*Location: Center of Shanghai
*Report Date: ASAP or Sep.

1)Native English speakers teacher
2)Holding TEFL/TESOL certificate 120hours.(We will provide the certificate training if you haven’t)
3)Bachelor degree or higher
4)No teaching experience requests.

If you are available for it,pls send me your update resume, copy of degree and passport ?I am reachable on skype: zyn1943 or wechat:zyn944788553 .Pls add me and let me know when is a good time for you to have a talk.

The pros
The cons
Mined my email from another source.
Institution Location
Shenzhen, China
Ex. job Seeker
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Echinacities set me up to be scammed
4 years ago.
Institute Review
When I first came to China to teach it was 2010. I did not know how o start so looked at job ads online. I responded to only one at Echinacities. But within 2 or 3 days I was getting email offers from but it was set up in way that avoided human contact - all emails.  When I did not jump through their hoops and send my passport copy as they insisted (because my passport was expired at the time) I started getting a bunch - over a dozen calls and and twice as many emails from China job agents, all of whom said they had my resume!  Since I only sent one to Echinacities you can connect the dots here!

Some of those that contacted me were China ESL, China TEFL Academy, Expertise Education, San Yi, and a lot of individual Chinese agents. But by this time I had made friends with someone in my community who had a cousin already working in China so we connected and she found me a job at her school and I was good to go. I began working the following month at large chain operation.

But almost 8 months later, I was shocked when an ATM machine in Beijing ate my card and told me to contact a manager at my branch. I then checked my balance and saw that it was $18.  The week before when I paid my rent my balance was $6,780! I met the manager who informed me that their security robots picked up that I had opened multiple accounts in five provinces with different variations of my name and also they received notices from Visa and Master Card in America that "I" was engaged in "fraudulent transactions" in America including the purchase of motorcycle, a shipment of of designer sunglasses, and some pain killer medications. I had not bought any of this stuff! But someone using my name did. 

The authorities took my statement and they believed me because they said over 5,000 China expat employees go through this every year and almost everyone of them replied to a "blind advertis*m*nt" at Echinacities, the Beijinger, ESLCafe where the people posting the ads are not who they claim to be and use fake names. Luckily I was not held responsible for all the stuff purchased in my name - over $20,000 of products. But it still cost me $12,000 to hire a lawyer in America and another in China to get my name taken off all the blacklists, to get my two bank accounts with money left in them unfrozen, and to get court orders for Equifax and the other credit bureaus to give me back my good credit ratings. Mark the lawyer told be he has about 10 expat cases from China every month and that is all he does now!  Last Christmas I got an email from mark with this link
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  • Vegas 4 years ago.
    Replying to a job ad at Echinacities. ESLCafe, or The Beijinger is like playing Russian Roulette with a gun that holds 5 bullets instead of six. Chances of getting hit by identity thieves are 20%
2 rating(s).
2 comment(s).
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Echinacities is unethical scam IMO
4 years ago.
Institute Review
About two weeks ago someone had asked a question at in the "Answers" sections about how to tell a good China school from a bad one. A user named "Weihai.Wendy" posted some links to and to a photobucket site where the CFTU white-list was posted which had like over 1,000 honest licensed schools that hire foreigners on it. So I bookmarked the link because this week I wanted to research some new schools that sent me offers but the link had just vanished. So wrote an email to Echinacities about this and get no reply at all. Today I mentioned this to my friend and she told me that this happens a lot at echinacities, because they make money off of job placements and they don't want anyone finding jobs directly without them. So then I started searching on line and found this beauty  So can anyone out there PM me or post a link here to the 2015 CFTU whitelist?  Also my friend told me that  "Wendy" got into a big argument with the moderator at ECC who kept deleting her comments every time she disagreed with two other users who kept making stuff about the "average" salaries in China and other things. After Wendy started proving her comments with links they just deleted every comment she made! Then this morning, I got a chain letter in my inbox warning me about applying for jobs through ECC and they gave me this link. and now everything makes sense to me.
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2 rating(s).
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Echinacities Is On Our Target List!
4 years ago.
Work location
Living situation
Pay & benefits
Support & facilities
Health & safety
Institute Review
Coming to teach in China from an ad you saw on Echinacities, Sinocities, ESLCafe, or Th*b*ijinger? The be sure bring a big family size jar of Vaseline with you peng you!  If however you a are not a big fan of anal sex then I invite you to join up with us at the China Scam Baiter Club where we don't angry with the fraudsters - we get even.  They waste our time and cause us grief so it is only fair that we return the favor. If you are smart you will use the review here at ESLwatch and the below white and blacklists so you don't become a victim of the clever China cheaters. But even if you get bored and want to donate 30 minutes of your time to a good cause every day (teaching Chinese scam artists about ethics and honor the hard and painful way) we'd love to have you. Scroll down for our contact info.

In the interim educate you yourself below and trust nobody in China who won't let you see their government ID card. That is the only way to get their real name. If you have time to help us or have been swindled and want to teach your thief a humble lesson, please send all the details in confidence to*b*ijinger
The pros
Rather than cry over spilled milk, maybe get a refund if we can make their life miserable for a month or two - until they see what's it like to be on the receiving end.
The cons
The scam artist will never send you another Christmas card.
Advice to Management
Play fair!
Institution Location
Wherever they are in China we can locate them with the lure of money they will never get to touch.
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3 rating(s).
1 comment(s).
6 helpful voted.
Never ever upload your CV to nor - Super Scam!
4 years ago.
Institute Review
My story is too complicated and long to tell here but a lot of bad s*i* and bad luck came to my ex after she uploaded her resume for a job she saw on that never seems to get filled!  Around 20 Chinese agents started calling her all claiming she had sent them her resume when she did not.  The spam got so bad after a month that she started using a new email address. Then someone in Kuala Lumpur opened a checking account in her name that she didn't find out until her dad called and asked her why she bought a car in San Francisco?  She didn't, but someone else drove off in a Chevy Camaro after making a $5,000 down payment in her name and supposedly with her credit card.  The cops found the s*r*pped car less than week later as the thieves probably made about $20,000 by parting out the car.  By the time she figured out what happened both of her bank accounts in the states were frozen and her credit cards were cancelled two days before her rent was due in Shanghai!  Can she prove that ECC sold her CV and passport scan? She's a teacher, not a detective, but she's absolutely sure those 20 Chinese recruiters got her resume from them because of a mistake she made on that one resume she sent in to ECC, that everyone of those recruiters asked her about. s*i*, we have no clue how many of them were even real recruiters.  You guys should check this out if you don't believe me; or

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Do not send resumes to Echinacities or
5 years ago.
Institute Review
I used this huge web site for over a year to get local news in English here in China. I thought it was a pretty cool website until I saw some arguments go with one of the moderators named "traveler" and another fellow named "Shining Cow". It was a strange argument. But then a few weeks later I saw a job advertised there that was ideal for me. It was a 20,000 rmb salaried full time job in in a South China coastal city and even had a furnished apartment included in the deal.  So I went to apply for the job and there was no email address to reply to. So I called ECC and told them I needed an email address to apply for that job. The girl named Ellen then said something I found to be strange.

She said "After you upload you resume you get more job offers to choose from even if that one is already filled" I told her I was only interested in that Xiamen job and because she answered my call on a speaker phone, I heard a lot of people laughing in the background to my response. SHe told me she was busy and if I didn't upload my resume I had no chance of getting that job. So I decided that it would not hurt to upload my resume. But then it also asked for my photo and passport scan too! This made me very uncomfortable because it says in the terms and conditions that they might share my info wit third parties.

So i uploaded my resume and a photo of brother-in-law in sunglasses and a dark gray copy of my passport that I knew would not be legible. I qualified fully for the job but I never heard from them. Instead I got no less than 30 calls from recruiters and half of them said I was perfect for even better jobs but before an interview could be arranged they needed my taxpayer ID number (SSN) and a legible copy of my passport and they were a bit pushy about it and rushing me to do "now" or as soon as we hung up the phone.  By now all the alarm bells were going off in my head.

Then on December 26th I get this chain letter from a teacher in Michigan who took a TEFL course with me last year and below is what it said...

Dear Teacher,

Do not send out another resume to any jobs related to China until you read about the devious China job resume and identity theft scam recently identified by China Scam Patrol at If you don't spend 15 minutes now you have a 50% chance of spending $10,000 later. Your choice.  If you agree that this is a serious problem please send this email along to ten of your teacher colleagues without delay.


Victim Edward P.
Guangzhou, China
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